TORONTOTOKYO Praises RAMZES666’s Darkside for Putting up a Tough Match


TORONTOTOKYO Praises RAMZES666’s Darkside for Putting up a Tough Match

Ammar Aryani
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Following BetBoom Team’s third victory in the EEU DPC against Darkside, support player Alexander "TORONTOTOKYO" Khertek was pulled aside for a winner’s post-match interview.
The TI10 champion talked about the team’s undefeated form amongst other things.
He also credited Darkside for putting up a tough fight, as it helped the team gain valuable experience.

Following BetBoom Team’s third victory in Division I of the Eastern Europe Dota Pro Circuit 2023 (EEU DPC 2023): Winter Tour against newly formed team Darkside, BetBoom Team’s newest support player Alexander "TORONTOTOKYO" Khertek was pulled aside for a quick interview.

During the interview, the TI10 (The International 2021) champion talked about the team’s current form in the EEU DPC. He also talked about the team’s match against Darkside while also crediting the latter for having put forth a good fight.

TORONTOTOKYO credited Darkside for valuable experience

During the winner’s post match interview according to, former midlaner turned support player Alexander "TORONTOTOKYO" Khertek went into detail about BetBoom Team’s match against Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev’s newly formed team, Darkside.

While he started off the interview by saying that he was surprised to see Darkside managing to get a victory from them, he also noted that he was happy to see the latter putting up a great fight as opposed to their previous opponents. He also praised their opponents for the valuable experience. He talked about the team’s undefeated streak but he noted that it would be useless to have the streak in the first place if the team did not learn anything.

“On one hand, I'm surprised that the match against Darkside was hard. On the other hand, we expected this from them - it's Dota, a random game. Any moment in a game can get tough. It's even good that we're playing games like that now, rather than at the Majors or the International, where we would not be ready to play games like this series. So I'm happy, in principle. It would have been worse if we had gone through undefeated against all the teams [with a score of] 2-0 without any issues in the DPC - it would basically be useless for us. And now we had a great series against Darkside. I think there will be more games like that, so the main thing is to play every moment until the end and learn something from the games that we have played. ”

He also admitted that the team dropped an easy win against Darkside in Game One of the best of three, saying that the team let its guard down as the game progressed.

“The first map was easy enough, and at a certain point we even started to fan ourselves with item builds, looking for kills on the map instead of buying Scythe of Vyse for lockdown and killing Roshan. We would have ended the game after the second Roshan. But that's where the throwing started... Like I said, Dota 2 is such a game - that's why everyone likes it, even me. At any moment the game can completely flip and full randomness can happen. That's why it's very difficult to play the game super well all the time - it requires maximum concentration and a plan for the game that you have to do every minute. That's why games like this happen.”

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Despite dropping one game against Darkside, BetBoom Team continues to solidify its position at the top of the standings following its third victory in a row. On 21st January, BetBoom’s next scheduled opponent will be One Move who is currently at the bottom of the standings .

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