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TI11 WEU Qualifiers: Team Secret One Loss Away From Elimination

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In the Western European (WEU) Regional Qualifiers of TI11, Team Secret faced off against Entity for an Upper Bracket Finals spot.
Despite Team Secret’s attempts to come back, Entity dominated the series and defeated Team Secret 2-0
Following the victory, Entity will be the second team to secure a spot in the Last Chance Qualifiers, alongside Team Liquid.

As the dust settled in the Southeast Asian (SEA) Regional Qualifiers for the day, the community shifted its attention to the Western European (WEU) Regional Qualifiers as Team Secret faced off against Entity. Despite Team Secret’s best efforts in the series, Entity ended up dominating Team Secret as they stomped them 2-0.

Following its win, Entity advanced into the Upper Bracket Finals and guaranteed themselves a spot in the Last Chance Qualifiers.

Team Secret vs Entity: Match recap

Going into the match, people were unsure who to choose as both teams were performing relatively well during the 2021/2022 Dota Pro Circuit season. However, looking at recent performances the viewers expected Entity to have a slight edge.

Game One

Game one saw Team Secret drafted Morphling, Ember Spirit and Death Prophet as its core lineup. On the opposing side, Entity picked up Shadow Fiend on the safelane, Batrider in the midlane and Mirana as the offlane for its draft of the game.

Despite a good early game from Team Secret, Ivan "Pure" Moskalenko’s Shadow Fiend was terrorizing Secret’s lineup during the entire game while Daniel "Stormstormer" Schoetzau’s Batrider was constantly picking off heroes one by one. The game ended at 38 minutes, as Entity secured the first game of the series.

Game Two

Game Two of the series saw both teams drafting a more aggressive lineup, with Team Secret picking the Razor as well as the Bristleback and Invoker. On the other hand, Entity who had a reputation for picking offlane heroes for the carry position decided to draft Legion Commander for Pure, while also picking up Lina and Enigma for the core lineup.

Despite an even early game from both teams, Entity were once again a step ahead of Team Secret as Stormstormer’s physical damage build on the Lina mowing down Secret’s heroes. Despite attempts from Team Secret to come back into the game, Entity ended up securing Game Two after 32 minutes.

Following the win, Entity will face off against Team Liquid in the Upper Bracket Finals and secured themselves a spot in the Last Chance Qualifiers. As for Team Secret, the team cannot afford any more mistakes as it is just one slip up away from being knocked out of contention for TI11. It awaits the victor of the Nigma Galaxy vs DGG Esports series in its next match.

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