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TI11 Last Chance Qualifier Day 3 Recap: Polaris and South American Teams Crumble

Ammar Aryani
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The International 11 (TI11) Last Chance Qualifier goes into its third day as four teams are eliminated from the LCQ.
Virtus.pro and Team Secret managed to advance into the Upper Bracket Semi Finals after an epic series.
South American teams Tempest & Infamous will join nouns and Polaris Esports in being eliminated from the LCQ.

It was the day of surprises and upsets on Day 3 of The International 11 (TI11) Last Chance Qualifiers. In the Upper Bracket, T1 managed to be victorious against NAVI, while Secret managed to defeat Xtreme Gaming in a surprising upset. Virtus.pro and Team Liquid completed the final four teams in the UB Semifinals as both teams disposed of their opposition.

In the Lower Bracket, four of the 12 teams' journeys in the LCQ have ended today after their losses in its respective series.

Recap of Day 3 of the TI11 LCQ

Upper Bracket

T1 2-1 Natus Vincere

Despite T1 having a new roster for TI11 overall, the team started off its journey in the Playoffs stage by defeating Natus Vincere (NAVI) 2-1. While NAVI did have a great start by securing Game One with its Drow-Ember Spirit combo, T1 managed to prove themselves as it went on to reverse sweep NAVI.

Anathan "ana" Pham had a great performance in Game Two as Morphling, as he secured 13 kills and 9 assists while not dying once.

Secret 2-1 Xtreme Gaming

While Xtreme Gaming were the heavy favorites going into the series, Team Secret were looking to overcome its adversaries as it went on to also reverse sweep Xtreme Gaming with a 2-1 victory. While Lou "lou" Zhen’s Terrorblade earned Xtreme Gaming victory in Game One, Team Secret went on to defeat the Chinese favorites in the following two games of the series.

Despite not having played for a team during the majority of the season, Roman "Resolut1on" Fomynok continues to impress the Dota 2 community with his combined KDA of 21/2/20 as Lycan & Mirana.

Virtus.pro 2-1 Vici Gaming

Virtus.pro came out swinging despite its Game One loss against Vici Gaming in the series as it came back from the claws of defeat in Game Two by keeping Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev’s Spectre alive during a critical teamfight in the late game.

Following the epic Game Two, Virtus.pro went on to secure the series 2-1 against Vici Gaming to move on in the Upper Bracket. Danil "gpk" Skutin had a series to remember as he went on to achieve a combined KDA of 23/10/40 from Game Two & Three on his Storm Spirit and Shadow Fiend.

Polaris Esports 1-2 Team Liquid

The final match of the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals saw the recently improved Team Liquid going up against Southeast Asian (SEA) natives, Polaris Esports. With both teams providing impressive plays during the best of three series, Team Liquid ended up on top as it defeated Polaris Esports 2-1.

Despite Polaris’s gutsy effort to reverse sweep Team Liquid after an impressive Game Two, the SEA team would have to qualify for its home TI from the Lower Bracket as Liquid completed the final four of the Upper Bracket Semifinals.

Lower Bracket

Natus Vincere 2-0 Tempest

With the Upper Bracket concluded for the day, the time had come for the first four teams to be eliminated from the LCQ, ending its TI journey. The first match saw NAVI facing off against South American team Tempest as both teams wanted to avoid elimination from the LCQ.

Despite a valiant effort from Tempest, NAVI went on to stomp Tempest 2-0 to advance into the second round of the Lower Bracket. Tempest meanwhile, would be the first team to go out of the LCQ.

Xtreme Gaming 2-1 Infamous

Despite its shocking loss to Team Secret, Xtreme Gaming would have to run the Lower Bracket gauntlet earlier than people would have anticipated as it faced Infamous in the second match of the Lower Bracket. Infamous almost proved its doubters wrong when the South American team managed to secure Game One with a victory.

However, multiple mistakes in Game Two from Infamous allowed Xtreme Gaming to even the odds going into Game Three. Game Three ended up being a disaster for Infamous as its aggression from Game One and Two seemed to have faded, allowing Xtreme Gaming to secure the series 2-1. This also marked the end of the road for South America teams in the LCQ, as Infamous became the second team to be eliminated.

Vici Gaming 2-0 nonus

Nouns were looking to start its Playoffs journey with a bang, as it faced Vici Gaming who previously lost to Virtus.pro in the Upper Bracket. However, it turned out to be a disaster as nouns were unable to replicate its regional performance when it mattered most.

Despite attempts from nouns to force a third game, Vici Gaming looked to be unstoppable as it stomped the North American (NA) team with a 2-0 victory. Yang "Erika" Shaohan had a fairly easy game against nouns, as he racked up a combination of 17 kills and 20 assists to end his day. However for nouns, their journey in Singapore will end here as it became the third team to be eliminated.

Polaris Esports 0-0 Wildcard Gaming

Being the last team in the LCQ from the Americas continent, Wildcard Gaming were looking to avoid the fates of its fellow companions as it faced off against Polaris Esports. Staying true to its name, Wildcard Gaming pulled out an upset as it went on to defeat Polaris 2-0.

Despite Polaris being the better team, Wildcard Gaming’s tactical decision and play style allowed them to catch Polaris Esports by surprise as the NA team lived to see another day in the LCQ. However for Polaris, their journey ends here as it will be the final team to be eliminated from the LCQ today.

The action continues tomorrow as four more teams will be eliminated from the Last Chance Qualifiers, while the finalists for the Upper Bracket finals will also be determined tomorrow.

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