PSG.LGD were undefeated in Day Two of TI11 Group Stage


TI11 Group Stage Day 2 Recap: Boom & Talon Struggles Continues as PSG.LGD Bounced Back

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Day Two of the TI11 Group Stage has finally concluded after fierce battles from all twenty teams involved.
As both groups continued their respective matches, it was PSG.LGD’s complete turnaround of form that caught the attention of the community in Day Two.
BetBoom, Soniqs, Talon Esports and beastcoast ended Day Two as the bottom two of their respective groups.

The International 2022 (TI11)’s Group Stage continues to provide surprises and upsets on Day Two. While many teams managed to perform exceptionally well on Day Two, the biggest winners of Day Two were RNG and PSG.LGD as both teams were undefeated in both of their matches for today.

While the two mentioned teams were considered as the main highlights of the day, there were also a lot of matches and game highlights to watch from the second day of the group stage. With that in mind, here is a full recap of the events that went down on Day Two.

The International 2022 Group Stage: Day Two Recap

Group A

Chinese teams ended their day on a high note

PSG.LGD and RNG ended their Day Two on a high note, as both teams managed to defeat their opponents 2-0 to end the day undefeated. While many predicted that Royal Never Give Up (RNG) would perform well, many also believed that PSG.LGD would have another day of disappointment as it faced OG and Team Liquid after its shambolic performance yesterday.

However, PSG.LGD looked to have regained its confidence and form as the Chinese team managed to defeat OG & Team Liquid in dominating fashion, securing a 4-0 win-loss ratio.

Boom Esports’s struggles continues at it seats closer to elimination

While many believed that Boom Esports would be the best Southeast Asian (SEA) team coming into this TI (The International), the team’s current run of form has fans worrying as the team did not manage to win a single series convincingly.

Despite ending its day with draws against Gaimin Gladiators & BetBoom Team, Boom Esports’s position within Group A is in danger as the team is currently in 8th place of the group. Boom Esports would have to find its form fast for tomorrow if they wish to remain at TI11.

Group B

Team Aster continues to dominate Group B despite a draw against Entity

Team Aster had a fairly good day in the office, as the team won against Talon Esports & TSM. However, the Chinese team would have to settle for a draw against Entity as the Western Europe team made the series difficult for Team Aster.

Despite Team Aster losing Game One to Entity, the Chinese team managed to dominate Game Two as Du ”Monet'' Peng's Shadow Fiend went on a killing spree, securing 9 kills and 7 assists.

Fnatic ends Day Two with favorable results

Fnatic will be happy with their results in Day Two, as the SEA team ended the day with a win over South American team beastcoast & draws against Western Europe teams in Team Secret and Entity.

While Fnatic lost its Game One against Team Secret & Entity, the team somehow managed to bounce back from defeat as it won Game Two in both series. Djardel “DJ” Mampusti ended the day by having the most assists in Day Two, according to statistician Lea “Leamare” Silakov with 34 assists.

Talon Esports continues to struggle alongside beastcoast

Talon Esports will have a day to forget, as the SEA team had a bad day with two losses against Team Aster & Thunder Awaken. Despite a draw against defending champions Team Spirit earlier today, it seemed that Talon Esports could not replicate its form from the series.

Joining Talon in the bottom two in Group B for today will be beastcoast, as the South American team also had similar struggles as the team received two losses against Fnatic and Team Aster. While beastcoast managed to salvage a draw against Tundra Esports, it would have to do better than that if the team wishes to avoid elimination on Day Three of the group stage.

Day Two of the TI11 Group Stage provided a lot of interesting storylines, as well as new heroes being picked and more upsets. We will continue to have more TI11 action tomorrow, as Day Three of the Group Stage will begin as early as 10:00 AM SGT. You can check out the schedule and results of all The International 2022 games with AFK Gaming's event tracker below.

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