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Team Spirit Shares Behind the Scenes Footage of Its Arlington Major Journey.

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Team Spirit, the champions of the PGL Arlington Major 2022 released a behind the scenes vlog of their journey during the Major on Youtube.
The vlog covers the team’s unboxing of the coveted Aegis of Champions, after winning The International 2021 (TI10) as well as their thoughts after the Grand Finals of the Major.
Team Spirit also expressed their gratitude for the fans that supported them during the whole DPC season.

Following the conclusion of the PGL Arlington Major, Team Spirit were crowned as champions of the Major following a 3-1 victory over rivals PSG.LGD in the Grand Finals. During its time at the Arlington Major, Team Spirit recorded a series of vlogs for its fans on Youtube, showing behind the scenes of their lives during the Major. The newest vlog episode shows Team Spirit unboxing its coveted Aegis of Champions, after winning TI10 while in Arlington, as well as expressing their thoughts after the Grand Finals and thanking their fans for their support.

Team Spirit Unboxes Aegis of Champion Almost a Year After Winning TI10

During their time at the Arlington Major, Team Spirit recorded a series of vlogs of its journey during the Major itself. The organization released its final part of the vlog on Youtube which covers the night before the Lower Bracket Finals against Team Aster as well as the Grand Finals against PSG.LGD.

At the start of the vlog, the fans are treated to a botched introduction by captain Yaroslav "Miposhka" Naidenov before the vlog transitioned to its unboxing of the coveted Aegis of Champions, which Team Spirit earned by winning TI10 by beating PSG.LGD 3-2 at the Grand Finals of the tournament almost a year ago. The unboxing features Illya "Yatoro" Mulyarchuk and Alexander "TORONTOTOKYO" Khertek as they unboxed the Aegis of Champions which was sent to them by Dota 2 developers Valve while they were in the United States for the Major. The vlog then transitioned toward a highlight reel of its match against Team Aster in the Lower Bracket finals, with Jake "SirActionSlacks" Kanner stating that Team Spirit will win the Lower Bracket Final and face PSG.LGD in another rematch at the Grand Finals, as the organization lost to PSG.LGD before at the Riyadh Masters 2022 Grand Finals and the Upper Bracket Finals at the Arlington Major.

Team Spirit Expresses Gratitude to the Fans After Winning the Arlington Major 2022.

After its victory over Team Aster in the Lower Bracket Final, the vlog then transitions to a highlight reel of its Grand Final match versus rivals PSG.LGD, which also includes Team Spirit’s comeback against the Chinese organization in Game 2, which then led to a 3-1 victory going in the way of Team Spirit, with the final game of series showing TORONTOTOKYO all chatted “HATERS WHERE ARE YOU NOW?” to prove its doubters wrong before taking PSG.LGD’s throne.

Following the win and being crowned the champions of the Arlington Major, the vlog showed Team Spirit celebrating its victory by lifting the Arlington Major trophy before moving onto Miroslaw "Mira" Kolpakov describing the crowd at Major before jokingly saying that PSG.LGD will get their revenge at The International 2022 (TI11) following the defeat.

“It’s so awesome when the crowd is shouting, especially when you’re destroying your opponent, and they all scream “Team Spirit”, and you hear it despite the headphones. It’s so fucking energizing,” said Mira as he explains the atmosphere of the crowd during the Grand Finals. “PSG.LGD will try to fuck us up at TI, they're going to be so angry. It's hard to imagine,” he added jokingly.

The vlog also showed Team Spirit fans celebrating their victory, with one fan jokingly thanking Kyle "Kyle" Freedman for cursing PSG.LGD, with the joke referring to Kyle’s curse of making teams lose by posting a post on Twitter saying the that a certain team will win, only for them to lose in an unexpected fashion.

Finally, at the end of the vlog, the whole Team Spirit roster expressed their gratitude to its supporters before ending the vlog with a few personal messages.

“We read a lot of your comments, both negative and positive, and absorb all of them, so we expect more positive comments, and you can expect more wins,” said Miphoska during the end of the vlog before Yatoro jokingly adding to the statement by saying “We’re exhausted!”.

“I can say that the final was fucking amazing, the second and the fourth maps were awesome. Everyone there was cheering for us, like 30% of the audience, it was a lot for us,” said Mira while explaining his views of the Grand Finals as well as the crowd before TORONTOTOKYO corrected Mira by saying “Thirty? It was 100%.” Mira also added that “They(the crowd) supported us and shouted, it was very energizing. Thank you all for the support, it was very nice to play with the audience.”

You can watch the entirety of Team Spirit’s vlog on their Youtube channel:

At the moment, Team Spirit are most likely taking a short break after qualifying to TI11 before heading into bootcamp to practice ahead of the main event in October before traveling to Singapore at the end of September.

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