Team Spirit Manager Korb3n Criticizes Practice Rooms at Berlin Major 2023

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Team Spirit's coach Dmitry "Korb3n" Belov shares his negative impressions of the practice room at the Berlin Major 2023, citing the small size and lack of additional space.
Offlaner Magomed "Collapse" Khalilov notes that players have not yet received their luggage, while second manager Ruslana "DKLana" Berest records a video of the cramped practice room.
The Berlin Major 2023 features 18 top teams competing for a $500,000 USD prize pool and 2700 DPC points, but some teams, particularly those with Russian players, were unable to bring their full rosters due to visa issues.

The ESL One Berlin Dota 2 Major 2023, featuring 18 of the best teams from around the world, is set to begin soon. The tournament is the first Major to use the latest 7.33 patch, which will test players' abilities to innovate with new strategies. Team Spirit, the TI10 champion, expressed concerns over the practice rooms provided at the event. In particular. The team’s coach Dmitry "Korb3n" Belov has criticized the size of the room and lack of space, sparking discussions about the quality of amenities at the tournament.

Practice Room Criticism and Other Issues at Berlin Major 2023

As first reported by escorenews, Team Spirit's manager Korb3n voiced his criticisms about the practice room at the Berlin Major 2023. Korb3n expressed his disappointment at the small size of the room and the lack of additional space for managers to sit.

“I have a chair. This is all I can say about my impressions. I don’t know why, they (Tournament Organizers) really began to do very small practices. There is no extra space for the manager to sit, no table, nothing. It's pretty sad. <...> In general, it's like this. But what can we do? We don't complain. It's not hot here, and this is the most important thing, by the way,” Korb3n said.

Meanwhile, Collapse noted that players have not yet received their luggage, which may be delivered later. The team’s second manager Ruslana "DKLana" Berest also provided a video overview of the practice room, highlighting the small size and lack of facilities. These concerns have raised questions about the amenities provided for the teams at the tournament.

An interesting fact worth noting is that this isn't the first time that Team Spirit has had complaints about the practice rooms at a major tournament. Back at TI10, which they went on to win, the team also voiced concerns about the size and quality of the rooms. However, this didn't stop them from coming out on top and proving that they are a top-tier team, and eventually becoming TI10 champions. 

The Berlin Major 2023 offers a substantial prize pool of $500,000 USD and 2700 DPC points to the teams participating, with 18 top teams vying for the title. However, the tournament has faced some issues, particularly related to the visa problems faced by some teams with Russian players such as 9 Pandas, BetBoom, OG, and Team Aster. As the competition heats up, it remains to be seen how well the teams can adapt to the cramped conditions of the practice rooms and the impact it may have on their performances in the event.

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