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Team Bald Reborn Debut With W33 Goes Haywire

Ammar Aryani
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During the off-season, former Alliance player Aliwi ``w33" Omar made a surprising last minute move to Gorgc’s Team Bald Reborn.
The Romanian player made his debut with the team last night against D2 Hustlers in Division II of the Western European Dota Pro Circuit.
However, the player’s addition was not able to prevent Team Bald Reborn from a surprising loss against D2 Hustlers.

Aliwi ``w33" Omar, along with Team Bald Reborn took a surprising loss against newcomers D2 Hustlers in Division II of the Western European Dota Pro Circuit (WEU DPC). While the team were initially planning to avoid any roster changes for the 2023 season, a last minute move by former midlaner Steve "Xcalibur '' Ye forced team captain Janne "Gorgc '' Stefanovski to quickly find a suitable replacement.

Running out of options hours before the deadline, Gorgc opted to take a chance by asking w33 to join his team. Surprisingly, the midlaner agreed to join him and his team in Division II.

Team Bald Reborn vs D2 Hustlers: Match recap and highlights


While Division II had only just begun, Team Bald Reborn were looking to prove a point with their new midlaner, w33. However, fans of the team were slightly concerned about W33 as the player has not been seen practicing throughout January.

Game One

Team Bald Reborn opted for an all-rounded draft by choosing Drow Ranger and Keeper of the Light for Gorgc & w33 while D2 Hustlers went for a trilane core of Ember Spirit, Sniper and Death Prophet.

While the early game was fairly even between both teams, the mid-game phase saw Team Bald Reborn being torn apart by its opponent in multiple teamfights. Despite the team’s attempts to delay the game for w33 and Gorgc to hit their late-game timings, Indji "Shad" Lub’s Ember Spirit annihilated the duo with high damage output.

Game One ended after 50 minutes, with Team Bald Reborn forced to tap out.

Game Two

Game Two saw draft changes on both teams, as D2 Hustlers opted to retain its Ember Spirit while Team Bald Reborn went for the trio of Troll Warlord, Tiny and Centaur Warrunner.

Game Two was no better for Team Bald Reborn despite another even early game phase, as the team constantly lost teamfight after teamfight after the 10 minute mark. Additionally, w33’s Tiny had almost no impact in the game with 8 deaths to his name.

With the game slowly but surely becoming out of reach for Team Bald Reborn, the team called “GG” just before the 30th minute mark as it loses its first series of the season.


Here are some of the highlights from the series.

While it is obvious that the team had little to no coordination as seen in the two games, many expected that w33 and Team Bald Reborn will be able to turn things around as the season progresses. Team Bald Reborn’s next scheduled opponents will be newly established team Ancient Tribe on 5th February.

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