Talon Esports Keeps SEA Hopes Alive at Berlin Major 2023

Dhruv Saikia
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>23Savage from Talon Esports</p></div>
23Savage from Talon Esports


Nuengnara "23savage" Teeramahanon and Anucha "Jabz" Jirawong lead the charge with outstanding performances in Talon Esports' 2-0 victory against PSG.LGD.
The SEA team surprises fans and pulls off a major win against the Chinese powerhouse to win the series.
Talon Esports' impressive win keeps SEA representation alive at the lower bracket games of the Berlin Major 2023.

The ongoing Berlin Major 2023 has been full of surprises, with several teams falling short of expectations while others have risen to the occasion. Among the teams that have impressed the most is Talon Esports, who recently pulled off a stunning 2-0 victory over PSG.LGD. The Southeast Asian (SEA) teams have not been able to find their footing in the tournament, struggling against their counterparts from other regions, so far.

However, Nuengnara "23savage" Teeramahanon lead the team to an incredible victory with exceptional performances in both games to secure Talon's spot in the upper-bracket playoffs. The team’s offlane player, Anucha "Jabz" Jirawong also had some innovative gameplay moments that were crucial in securing the victory. This win keeps the SEA representation alive in the Berlin Major and sets up an exciting upper-bracket matchup for Talon Esports against Evil Geniuses

Talon Esports shocks PSG.LGD in Berlin Major Lower Bracket

Talon Esports pulled off a surprising upset against the Chinese juggernaut PSG.LGD, keeping the SEA representation alive in the Berlin Major. The team's star player, 23savage, had impressive performances in both games, while Jabz showcased innovative gameplay to secure the series with a 2-0 score.

In the first game against PSG.LGD, 23savage showed an impressive performance as Terrorblade, ending the game with a 5-1-19 KDA. In the second game, he played as Naga Siren and continued his outstanding performance, ending the game with a 16-2-17 KDA. With his exceptional gameplay, 23savage proved that he is one of the most talented carries in the Dota 2 scene today.

In addition to 23savage's outstanding performances, Jabz also played a key role in Talon Esports' victory over PSG.LGD. The player showcased his innovative gameplay by building Harpoon on Magnus to help him skewer enemies, which has not been seen before in professional games on this patch.

Talon Esports' victory against PSG.LGD was significant not only for the team but also for the SEA region as a whole. SEA teams have struggled at the Berlin Major, with the team being the only SEA team making it to the playoffs. With Talon's impressive performance, they have proven that they can compete against the best teams in the world and keep the SEA representation alive in the tournament. Talon will now move on to face Evil Geniuses in the next round of the lower bracket, where they will look to make a deeper run into the tournament

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