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Talon Esports Gets Demolished by Secret, Will Play Tiebreakers in TI11 Group Stage

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One of the matches in the final day of the TI11 Group Stage saw Talon Esports going up against Team Secret.
However, Team Secret managed to defeat Talon in a 2-0 stomp.
Talon will now have to play in a tiebreaker against Entity to keep their Main Event hopes alive.

Talon Esports will have to play a two-way tiebreaker after Team Secret defeated the Southeast Asian (SEA) team in a 2-0 stomp. Talon Esports just needed a single win against Team Secret, to secure a spot in the playoff brackets for TI11.

Unfortunately, Talon Esports did not manage to claim that single game as the Western European team demolished them in a 2-0 stomp. Despite the defeat, Talon will have a final chance to avoid elimination as it will play a winner-take-all tiebreaker against Entity. The winner of this match will secure a place in the playoffs.

Talon Esports vs Secret: Match recap

While Team Secret already claimed a spot in the upper bracket, Talon Esports were looking to avoid elimination as a 0-2 defeat would end their journey at TI11.

In addition, the SEA team needed favorable results from other matches such as Entity vs Tundra in order to have a chance for tiebreakers.

Game One

Talon started off the game by drafting Doom for Nuengnara "23savage" Teeramahanon and Templar Assassin for Rafli "Mikoto" Rahman while Secret went for a rather aggressive lineup, with Shadow Fiend, Slardar and Marci as the core lineup.

The laning phase went in the favor of Secret, as the Western European team dominated Talon from the start. While Talon managed to gain some momentum during the mid-game, Secret’s aggressive lineup managed to constantly pick off Talon’s heroes. Game One ended after just over 28 minutes as Team Secret claimed the first game of the series.

Game Two

Secret drafted Bloodseeker for Remco "Crystallis" Arets and Broodmother for Roman "Resolut1on" Fomynok while Talon went for pushing potential by drafting Lone Druid, Lycan and Leshrac as the core lineup.

While Talon Esports had a good start to the laning phase, a few mistakes during the mid-game allowed Team Secret to close the gap in net worth and objectives. Despite Talon’s attempt to defend the base, Secret’s damage output is too high as they claimed Game Two after 36 minutes.

Following the victory, Team Secret will end up getting second place in Group B. Talon on the other hand, will have a final chance to avoid elimination as they faced Entity in a best of three (Bo3) tiebreaker for the final slot in the Lower Bracket.

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