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Talon Esports and Alliance eliminated as Group A of ESL One Malaysia Concludes

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Group A of the ESL One Malaysia 2022 is settled with Talon Esports and Alliance being eliminated from the tournament.
Despite their valiant efforts, Talon and Alliance will not be competing in the playoffs, in front of fans only taking home $5,000 in prize winnings.
Team Aster and Team Secret have locked in Upper Bracket slots, while Entity and Thunder Awaken will play in the Lower Bracket.

ESL One Malaysia 2022 has concluded its first section of the group stage as Group A saw Southeast Asian (SEA) upstarts Talon Esports and the struggling Alliance being eliminated from the tournament. Two other teams from Group B will also be eliminated from the tournament before the playoffs. Team Secret and Team Aster both secured Upper Bracket slots, while Western European (WEU) darkhorse Entity and South American team Thunder Awaken will play in the Lower Bracket at the Playoffs stage of ESL One Malaysia 2022 that kicks off tomorrow.

Talon and Alliance Are the First Teams to Be Eliminated.

Today the group stage at the ESL One Malaysia 2022 will conclude with four teams being eliminated from the tournament.

Despite Talon and Alliance’s effort to regain momentum after the 7.32 patch was released, both teams will not continue their journey at the tournament as they did not manage to secure a 2-0 victory over any other teams within their group. Talon Esports will look to prepare for the upcoming The International 2022 (TI11) SEA Regional Qualifiers while Alliance will need to figure out its problems in and out of the game as they will return home to also prepare for the TI11 WEU Regional Qualifiers.

Secret and Aster to Upper Bracket, Entity and Thunder Awaken to Lower Bracket.

Group A’s conclusion will also see Team Secret and Team Aster securing the Upper Bracket slot for the Playoffs stage, while Entity and Thunder Awaken will play in the Lower Bracket.

Group B will conclude later today, as the final three series will see another two teams eliminated from the tournament. Fnatic will face the resurging Nigma Galaxy, while Boom are fighting to continue its tournament life as they face OG. The third series will see Liquid playing against TSM in hopes of securing a possible tiebreaker which could potentially involve four teams if Fnatic, TSM, Nigma Galaxy and Liquid all draw their games.

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