Team liquid's offlaner zai and coach Blitz at The International 2022.


Talon Amongst Teams That Zai is Looking Forward to Play at Berlin Major 2023

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In a recent interview, Team Liquid’s offlaner Ludwig “zai” Wåhlberg talked about the teams and regions he would like to scrim against during International tournaments.
Zai mentioned Europe (EU) as a very competitive region and that he would mostly prefer scrims against teams from Eastern Europe (EEU) or Western Europe (WEU), but also mentions China as another region that would be good to scrim against.
The Team Liquid offlaner also mentioned Talon Esports and South America as fun scrim opportunities.

After the past few victories in the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Western Europe (WEU) 2023 Tour 2: Division I, Team Liquid has secured a slot in the upcoming Berlin Major 2023. One of the driving forces behind Team Liquid’s impressive run in the DPC was the impressive performances of its versatile offlaner, Ludwid “zai” Wåhlberg. The player was featured in a post match interview after qualifying for the Berlin Major 2023 and spoke about the teams and regions he was looking forward to playing in the upcoming days.

Team Liquid will be competing and scrimming against teams from across the world (from their European bootcamps) during the upcoming Dreamleague Season 19, which is scheduled to take place from April 9th to 23rd.

Team Liquid's Zai Excited to Play Against South America, Talon and China in Berlin Major 2023

Following Team Liquid’s 2-0 win over Monaspa, the post-match interview featured the team’s offlaner zai, who shared his thoughts on the regions he would like to scrim against in International tournaments.

During the conversation, zai spoke of how his team would prioritize scrimming against teams from different regions during International tournaments.  “I think we’re lucky to be in a very competitive region. Most of the times we scrim against CIS teams or WEU teams, but it’s always good to get new insights into what other regions are trying,” he said.

“We can see patterns. China loves to play enchantress. But it’s one thing to see it but it’s one thing to play against it and experience it, because its a different thing. A firstpick Enchantress may not look very scary but then you end up playing against it and then you realize that’s why it’s first pick,” he added to his initial response. 

Additionally, highlighted some of the teams that he is excited to play against in the Berlin Major 2023.“I think it’s always fun playing against SA (South America), they’re very fun. I think Talon is a very interesting team as well. Those two and whatever comes out of China this season as well.”

Following a second place finish at the Lima Major, Team Liquid stormed through the DPC WEU 2023 Tour 2: Division 1, winning five out of its six series to secure a slot in the Berlin Major. The team’s final match in this DPC Tour will be against Ooredoo Thunders on 31st March, and a victory in this match will secure 400 DPC points, virtually guaranteeing a spot at The International 12.

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