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Taiga Wants Valve to Rethink Its Post-TI Prize Pool Distribution

Ammar Aryani
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According to Ben "Noxville '' Steenhuisen’s sources, post-TI income received from TI11’s prize pool will not go to regional leagues or majors.
This is quite a new approach from Valve since a portion of TI Battle Pass earnings has always been used to fund the pro-circuit.
OG’s Tommy "Taiga" Le suggested that Valve use a small portion of this revenue to fund the Dota Pro Circuit 2022-23 season.

Valve were recently in the spotlight as the community expressed its displeasure with the release of The International 2022 (TI11) Battle Pass, with a lot of the content being a work in progress and would be only released by November. However, the bad publicity surrounding Valve continues to grow as Dota statistician Ben "Noxville '' Steenhuisen revealed that his sources indicated that post-TI income received from the prize pool will not go to regional leagues or majors, which meant that all of the revenue from the second part of the Battle Pass will fully go towards Valve itself.

Following the news, OG support Tommy "Taiga" Le gave his opinions regarding the issue, as well as providing a possible solution.

Insiders Revealed Prize Pool Distribution as Taiga Gives Insight On The Issue

The Dota 2 community recently voiced its displeasure with the release of The International 2022 (TI11) Battle Pass, with much of the content still in development and only scheduled for release in November. It looks like the unfinished battle pass might not be the only aspect of the battle pass earning flak for Valve.

According to Noxville, a few insiders have “leaked/confirmed” that the post-TI prize pool income would not go to regional leagues or majors for the next Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season, meaning that Valve would receive 100% of the money from the second Battle Pass installment.

OG’s Taiga later quoted the tweet, questioning if Valve would keep the rest of the revenue for itself. He then asked about the revenue income from the Nemestice Battle Pass released in 2021, since TI10 used the prize pool it had raised in 2020.

Taiga then proposed a solution, suggesting that 5%-10% of revenue made from the second part of this year’s Battle Pass be used for next year’s DPC Majors. The extra revenue will be used to provide some sort of compensation for teams placed below the top eight in each Major and allowing the competitive scene to flourish a bit, according to Taiga.

Despite the postponement, TI10’s prize pool achieved a record breaking $40 million according to Dota 2 Prize Pool tracker; however, that was a fraction of the total revenue as 25% of every purchase of its Battle Pass will go towards the TI10 prize pool itself. Valve released the Nemestic Battle Pass the following year and retained 100% of the revenue income made from it.

TI10 Battle Pass Revenue

It will be interesting to see if Valve decides to implement Taiga’s proposed solution, which seemingly directly benefits the pro scene in the immediate future.

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