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Stormstormer Talks About Going up Against RNG at TI11, DPC System & More

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In a recent interview, Entity’s mid-laner Daniel "Stormstormer" Schoetzau talked about the team’s match against Royal Never Give Up (RNG).
He also went into detail about the Dota Pro Circuit system, as he mentioned that The International (TI) means a lot to players with financial issues.
The German mid-laner noted that despite the team’s early exit from the group, he and the team will be taking a break before the upcoming DPC season.

Entity was seen by many within the Dota 2 community as the underdog going into The International 2022 (TI11) since the team burst into the scene late in the season. However, despite its good performances during the Western Europe (WEU) Regional Qualifiers and the Arlington Major, the team managed to only achieve a top-twelve finish at its first-ever TI.

During the five-day break before the finals weekend, Daniel "Stormstormer" Schoetzau was interviewed by journalist RosesaGaming where he talked about the team’s performance against RNG in the first round of the Lower Bracket, his opinions regarding the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) system, and more.

Stormstormer noted that he did not realize that the match against RNG went beyond 100 minutes

Entity’s mid-laner Daniel "Stormstormer '' Schoetzau recalled instances from the team’s match against RNG. The matchup holds the record for the longest game ever played on the TI main stage. Commenting on this, Stormstormer replied that it was an honor to play at TI and to play such an amazing series against RNG.

“Yeah, well it was an honor to play here. We honestly, for this year could have gone many ways for us and there is even a chance that we could never play at TI so we’re initially just happy that we got the opportunity to play here and yeah, that game [against RNG] was for me the most absurd game I got to play in especially on the stage. It was an amazing experience, we were so much in the zone that we didn't even realize how long the game was actually going,” said Stormstormer.

The German mid-laner also talked about the DPC system as a whole & TI. He noted, “The International is like the big way to basically compensate for the low amount of money in the scene like apart from TI.” When talking about other methods to sustain income in the professional scene, he pointed out that the players in the lower division are not backed by an organization and how they could crumble without financial support from the scene. However, he also acknowledged that players who get to participate in the DPC system or in the Majors are able to be financially secure.

Finally, when Stormstormer was asked about his plans after TI11 and the future of the roster going into the next DPC season, he stated that he was looking forward to the off-season after working extremely hard with his team to get to TI11. He also mentioned that the team will be happy to play in the first division of the Western Europe (WEU) DPC given that Entity rose to fame from the second division.

Currently, Stormstormer is returning home to Germany to enjoy his well-deserved break with his family after what can be described as a good season for him and his team.

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