SG Esports Calls Out 4D Esports For Unpaid Dues


SG Esports Calls Out 4D Esports and Asks Valve to Help Pay Outstanding Dues

Ammar Aryani
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Former South American (SA) organization SG Esports recently announced that it has officially ceased its operations in the Esports industry.
However, SA Dota Pro Circuit tournament organizers 4D Esports had not paid the teams during the third tour of the SA DPC.
SG Esports has urged Valve to get involved in the matter, as it faces financial difficulties.

While the off-season has been quiet following the conclusion of the roster transfer period, the season continues to provide shocking news as former South American (SA) organization SG Esports has called out SA Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) tournament organizers 4D Esports for non-payment of dues.

SG Esports was formerly known as a South American powerhouse, as it became the first ever South American team to make an appearance in a Major tournament. However, following its disappointing 2021/2022 DPC campaign in the SA region the organization has announced that it has ceased all operations for a second time, with the first being back in late 2019.

SG Esports forces ultimatum on 4D Esports

During the off-season, SG Esports announced on Twitter that it will be ceasing all operations in the esports industry as a result of a disappointing DPC campaign in the South American region. However, two weeks ago SG Esports called out South American tournament organizers 4D Esports for a delay in the payment of prize money for the third round of the league.

In response to the allegations, 4D Esports responded on Twitter by apologizing to the participants for the circumstances and promised to pay all of the teams by 9th December. The organizers were unable to fulfill its promises in time, forcing SG Esports to once again call out the tournament organizers for its failure of non-payment of dues. However this time, SG Esports also called out Dota 2 publisher Valve for its carelessness and lack of communication regarding the issue.

SG Esports stated that its current financial situation has become “critical”, as the organization had to borrow money from the local bank in order to pay its players and organization bills as it looks to hold Valve responsible for 4D Esports’ failure of payments due.

While this hasn’t been a normal occurrence in the Dota competitive scene ever since Valve became more involved with the scene through Majors, there still have been instances where tournament organizers failed to pay out players.

The most recent case being GESC (Global Electronic Sports Championship), who were sued by Valve back in 2019 for their failure to pay $750k in wages and prize money to players and talents.

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