SEA Dota 2 Fans Are Not Happy With the Expensive Bali Major Tickets

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The Bali Major 2023 ticket sales had gone live on 24th May at 12:00 PM SGT, prompting customers to try and buy the highly limited and exclusive passes to the event.
The tickets were priced at $388 USD for the Standard pass and $888 USD for the Premium passes, without taxes.
Fans from Indonesia and the rest of the SEA region who wanted to attend the Bali Major will have significant difficulties with the prices.

The Bali Major 2023 will be the last major of the season and will mark an end to the Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2023 season. The event has recently opened its ticket sales, sparking mixed reactions among fans. While the tournament promises thrilling matches and an unforgettable experience, the pricing of the tickets has raised eyebrows due to their steep cost. Considering the context of Indonesia's average monthly salary and comparisons to other tournaments, the ticket prices at the Bali Major 2023 may have some backlash.

Mixed Reactions: Fans Express Discontent with Bali Major's Ticket Prices

The Bali Major's ticket prices have become a hot topic of discussion among Dota 2 fans, igniting a wave of frustration and discontent on the popular r/DotA2 subreddit. Fans have taken to Reddit to express their disappointment with the exorbitant costs associated with attending the prestigious tournament. One particular post, created approximately five days ago, caught the attention of many users as it discussed leaked ticket prices, confirming their worst fears regarding the expensive nature of the tickets.

Interestingly, another post addressing the issue of ticket prices was swiftly removed by moderators, suggesting the sensitivity surrounding the topic. Nevertheless, the impact of this post was evident, as many users had already commented, expressing their discontent and frustration at the steep pricing structure.

Shortly after the release of the tickets, another user took to the subreddit with a post titled "Bali Major's Unreasonably Expensive Ticket Tiers (and Seat Map)" reflecting the growing concerns among fans regarding the ticket prices and seating arrangements. The post garnered attention and engaged fans in a discussion about the affordability and value for money associated with attending the Bali Major. The same post was shared by the Reddit Dota 2 account on Twitter where fans on the platform also showed discontent with the prices.

Breaking Down the Bali Major Ticket Pricing

The Bali Major offers two types of tickets: Standard and Premium, with differing price points and perks. The tickets and perks are as follows:

Standard Ticket Perks - $388 USD

  • Open Seating

  • Sling Bag

  • T-Shirt

  • Collectible Pin

Premium Ticket Perks - $888 USD

  • Front row open seating

  • Duffle bag

  • T-Shirt

  • Bucket Hat

  • Collectible Pin

  • After party access

It is important to note that both ticket prices above exclude taxes and fees. The Standard ticket increases to approximately $465 USD when taxes and fees are factored in, while the Premium ticket reaches around $1,061 USD. These prices have caught the attention of fans, considering that the average monthly wage in Indonesia is $192 USD according to CEIC Data.

To provide further context, it is worth noting the ticket prices of The International 11, the most prestigious Dota 2 tournament. The event, held in Singapore, offered more affordable ticket options compared to the Bali Major 2023. Playoff tickets were priced at $88 SGD ($64 USD) per day, while the Finals ticket package for both days was set at $498 SGD ($361 USD).

Understanding the Factors Behind the High Ticket Prices

The Bali Major has expensive ticket prices due to various factors. Firstly, the event has a very limited number of seats, making it exclusive and desirable. Additionally, the tournament will be held at a luxurious 5-star resort, which could add to the overall cost of the ticket. The venue's prestige and unique setting are the likely culprit behind the higher ticket prices compared to other Dota 2 tournaments in the region.

Despite the discontent over the prices, tickets for the Bali Major sold out within minutes. This rapid sell-out has raised concerns about potential scalping activities, which have been observed in previous Dota 2 tournaments like The International 11. The limited supply and high demand for tickets create an opportunity for scalpers to purchase and resell them at inflated prices. It is unclear whether the tickets were bought by genuine fans or scalpers, leaving many disappointed at the lack of availability of reasonably priced tickets.

Impact on SEA Indonesian Fans: A Blow to Affordability and Accessibility

The exorbitant ticket prices of the Bali Major have drawn particular attention to the potential ramifications for SEA Indonesian fans, especially considering the average income in the region. As mentioned above, the monthly salary by industry in Indonesia stands at approximately $192 USD. So essentially some tickets cost more than ten times the monthly salary for the average Indonesian. This significant disparity has left many fans questioning the accessibility and affordability of attending the Bali Major.

With ticket prices reaching astronomical levels, attending the tournament becomes an unattainable dream for many local fans who may struggle to afford such expenses. This disparity between ticket prices and the financial realities of SEA Indonesian fans raises concerns about the inclusivity and accessibility of the event for the wider Dota 2 community.

One of the prime examples that highlight the significance of affordable ticket prices is the Manila Major, a tournament that garnered immense success and popularity in the Southeast Asian region. The Manila Major, held in 2016, managed to captivate the local fanbase and attract a massive crowd due to its affordable ticket prices and impressive crowd capacity, starting at P50 and going up to P400, all of which was under $10 USD.

As fans eagerly await the event, it remains to be seen how the ticket pricing will impact attendance and the overall fan experience at the Bali Major.

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