SEA And China Are Officially Out Of Berlin Major 2023

Dhruv Saikia
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Talon Esports and Team Aster Logos



Talon Esports fought hard but was unable to secure a victory over South American (SA) team EG.
Team Aster also loses against Team Liquid after a very close game 1 to the lower bracket.
With the elimination of both Talon Esports and Team Aster, there is no more Southeast Asia (SEA) and China representation at the Berlin Major.

The main stages of the Berlin Major 2023 have been full of surprises. Unfortunately, two of the regions with a massive following in the Dota 2 scene - SEA and China - have been officially eliminated from the tournament. Talon Esports and Team Aster lost their respective series in the lower bracket, ending both the team's journeys at the major. Talon Esports fought hard but was unable to overcome EG's comeback, where the team had a good lead in one game. On the other hand, Team Aster had a close game 1 against Team Liquid but unfortunately was unable to win. With the eliminations, there is no SEA or China representation in the playoffs of Berlin Major 2023.

Talon Esports was unable to close out games while Team Aster overwhelmed by Liquid 

Talon Esports and Team Aster's elimination from the Berlin Major 2023 marks the end of SEA and China's representation in the tournament. Talon Esports managed to put up a good show against EG, having a massive gold lead in game 1 but were unable to close the game out. This eliminates SEA from the tournament, but the team's performance allowed them to gain a significant amount of DPC points, with a total of 1040 DPC points, putting them in a good spot to possibly qualify for TI.

On the other hand, Team Aster had a close game 1 against Team Liquid, with outstanding plays from Sumail "SumaiL" Hassan who managed to solo-kill Michał "Nisha" Jankowski twice in the lane. However, they were unable to come out on top, and game 2 was a very one-sided win for Team Liquid. This eliminated Team Aster and China's representation from the tournament, but the team managed to put up a good show considering they had a non-Chinese stand-in with SumaiL.

Following a win against Team Aster, Team Liquid went on to play Tundra in the final lower bracket match of the day and managed to have a convincing 2-0 victory over the TI11 champions. This puts Team Liquid in the top 4 of the tournament, where they will play the winner of EG vs OG in the next series. Team Liquid is currently still at #1 in the DPC rankings and has virtually secured a TI12 slot.

Despite the disappointment of losing both SEA and China's representation in the tournament, the Berlin Major 2023 has been a thrilling event with plenty of exciting moments and surprises. As the tournament heads into its final two days, fans can expect even more thrilling matches and moments to come.

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