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Sccc Explains Match-Fixing Behaviour in China

Ammar Aryani
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Former EHOME player Song "Sccc" Chun recently talked about players being involved in match-fixing behavior in his recent stream.
During the off-season, many players have been receiving permanent bans due to being involved in match-fixing amongst other things.
Sccc also noted that managers tend to take advantage of these types of behavior in the Chinese region for personal gains.

Former EHOME carry and TI7 (The International 2017) finalist Song "Sccc" Chun recently talked about players being involved in match-fixing behavior in the Chinese region during his latest livestream. During the 2021/2022 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season, Sccc spent most of his time live streaming however he also made appearances at Riyadh Masters 2022 and The International 2022 (TI11) as a commentator as well as an analyst.

During the current off-season, many players have been at the receiving end of a permanent ban by Valve as they were involved in account sharing as well as possibly being involved in match-fixing in official matches.

Sccc thinks that team managers are using players for personal gains

According to Chinese Dota 2 news aggregator @Tr1H4rd3rDota2, Sccc recently explained in depth regarding match-fixing behavior in China on his livestream. He started off by saying that there are a lot of players that are involved in these types of behavior, however he also noted that players that were caught being involved in match-fixing usually gave the same excuse of wanting to be successful.

While there are actually good players that have not been involved in match-fixing at all, Sccc noted these players tend to get targeted by the community the most for no particular reason. 

Furthermore, Sccc noted that team managers tend to keep good relationships with players as they tend to take advantage of players if they were caught red-handed. He also stated that the reason behind their motive was because managers tend to make less income within an organization than the players due to prize pool winnings and high salary.

The former TI7 (The International 2017) finalist concluded by stating that people nowadays are too young and naive to understand the consequences of being involved with match-fixing.

As of now, Sccc is currently teamless after spending almost two years on the sidelines. However, many believe that Sccc will eventually return to the competitive scene as he has not officially announced his retirement as of yet.

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