Russian Dota 2 caster LightOfHeaven leaves TI10



Russian TI10 Talent LighTofHeaveN Leaves Broadcast Team in the Middle of the Tournament

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Popular Russian Dota 2 Talent LighTofHeaveN has stated that he is leaving TI10's broadcast team, days before the end of the tournament
He alleged that the reason for his departure was a joke he made about Solo and Artstyle in today's Russian broadcast of TI10.
Russian Dota 2 caster V1lat has denied that LighTofHeaveN was fired from the tournament and that he was merely not given broadcast duties for two days like many other talents.

Popular Russian Commentator and Analyst, Dmitriy "LighTofHeaveN" Kupriyanov (aka Lost), has stated that he is leaving The International 10 (TI10)'s broadcast before the end of the tournament. In a farewell message posted on his social media handles, the Russian caster said that he may no longer be able to work in official Valve-affiliated tournaments. LighTofHeaveN is a former Navi player who won the inaugural edition of The International in 2011.

LighTofHeaveN bids adieu to TI10

Earlier today, LighTofHeaveN posted a statement on his official twitter handle about departing from TI10.

“My journey at #TI10, as well as, possibly all subsequent tournaments from @valvesoftware has ended. I thank them for a decade together and wish them well. Thanks to everyone who watched and supported me,” his statement read.

Fans were quite taken aback by this sudden exit. On the ‘СтарпёрХаб’ podcast hosted on just_ns’s Twitch channel, LighTofHeaveN indicated that the reason for his exit from the tournament was because of a comment he made earlier today. When he was asked if he got fired from the tournament, LighTofHeaveN stated:

"Well, kinda. No one told me that, but you know some people prefer to do things quietly. So I get the new schedule and realize just how things are. It all began when I [commented live on Solo and Artstyle and in the end they weren't too happy about it]. Then v1lat got involved too... There was no information, no rules on what's not allowed on camera, nothing. I don't see the point in staying here, I've already booked the tickets and will fly home on the 16th."

Earlier today in the Russian broadcast of TI10, LighTofHeaveN jokingly commented on fellow analysts Alexey "Solo" Berezin and Ivan "Artstyle" Antonov stating that he finally realized why the lineup, featuring the two, never rose above sixth place at The International stating that it was because Artstyle and Solo couldn't find common ground.

"In a full hour of the show, they never once came to a common ground. They could spend the rest of the event discussing the same thing for 20 hours,” jokingly adding that he felt the future of Navi looked grim as a result.

Earlier in September 2021, Navi unveiled a new Dota 2 roster which included Solo as a player and Artstyle as a coach for its lineup.

Russian caster V1lat responded to LighTofHeaveN’s statements by denying that the latter had been fired, adding that he was merely not given broadcast duties for two days like many other talents including V1lat himself.

He added that after LighTofHeaveN's statement about Solo and ArtStyle, he pointed out that such behavior towards his colleagues was inappropriate. However, after receiving a harsh response from LighTofHeaveN to his message, he stopped the discussion.

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