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Quinn Shares TI11 NA Qualifier Grand Finals Experience

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After Soniq's victory over nouns in the Grand Finals of the North American (NA) Regional Qualifiers, Quinn "Quinn" Callahan described the team's feelings in the post-match winner’s interview.
The mid laner expressed relief after qualifying for The International 2022 (TI11) despite its loss to nouns in the Upper Bracket Final.
Quinn also noted that he would love a rematch against Topias "Topson '' Taavitsainen should T1 qualify for TI11 through the SEA Qualifiers.

The second set of qualifiers is over, with North America (NA) and China having crowned its champions - Soniqs and Royal Never Give Up (RNG) respectively. Following its 3-0 stomping over nouns in the NA Qualifiers Grand Final, Soniqs and Quinn "Quinn" Callahan have earned a direct invitation to TI11’s group stage along with BetBoom Team, Hokori and RNG.

In the post-match winner’s interview, Soniq’s mid laner Quinn was interviewed by the caster duo of Austin "Cap" Walsh and Avery "SVG" Silverman about the team’s feelings after its victory and his thoughts on the matchup.

Quinn proves the doubters wrong and shares Grand Finals experience

Soniqs were in danger of not qualifying for TI11’s Group Stage after its shocking defeat to nouns in the Upper Bracket Finals. However, the team managed to crawl back towards victory as it defeated Wildcard Gaming 2-0 in the Lower Bracket Finals and then defeated nouns in a rematch at the Grand Finals with a commanding 3-0 stomp on the final day of the qualifiers.

Following this victory, Quinn was interviewed by both SVG and Cap regarding the team’s atmosphere and his overall performance during the qualifiers. Quinn admitted that Soniqs needed a wake-up call following its shameful defeat to nouns in the Upper Bracket finals. The team then went on an undefeated streak on the final day.

“To be honest, we played like absolute garbage yesterday, especially me. I played like a living, walking trash can and at that point I needed a wake up call to play at my absolute best on the final day.”

When asked about the team’s atmosphere following the 3-0 victory over nouns in the Grand Finals, Quinn responded by saying that the team is relieved after the victory.

“I mean there were fistbumps, and just relief because most of the times when you have to play qualifiers it’s very stressful that when it’s over, you just feel relieved more than everything else. I think everybody just breathes a big sigh of relief and gets to chill after that. We’ll just go back and watch TV at the AirBnB before flying out tomorrow.”

SVG then asked Quinn his thoughts on going up against Topson at TI11, as the Finnish mid laner is currently trying to qualify for TI11 with T1. Quinn answered that he would be very hyped to play against Topson.

“[Laughs]. That’s hype, I have not played against Topson in a long time. I would love to play against him [at TI11].”

Finally before the end of the interview, Quinn managed to get a short message to his doubters before going off to celebrate with his team by saying “Haters suck my nuts.”

Following this victory, Quinn and Soniqs will join BetBoom Team, Hokori and RNG as the fourth invited team from the regional qualifiers, whereas nouns and Wildcard Gaming will have to try their best to qualify through the Last Chance Qualifiers.

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