Quinn Reveals Motivations Behind Playing Against Team Liquid: Wants To Silence The Fans

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Quinn at The International


Quinn “Quinn” Callahan from Gaimin Gladiators recently talked more about his rivalry with Team Liquid and his motivations while playing against them.
He spoke about how Team Liquid’s enthusiastic fans and extremely loud cheers motivate him to play even better against them.
Lastly, he also talks about wanting to copy Sébastien "Ceb" Debs’ iconic moment from The International 9 where he silenced the crowd after beating LGD.

During a recent livestream, Quinn “Quinn” Callahan, a prominent player for Gaimin Gladiators, shared his thoughts on facing Team Liquid and the atmosphere that is created by their passionate fan base. Quinn's remarks shed light on the rivalry between the two teams and the factor that motivates him when he plays against Liquid, stating that the fans cheering for them gives him more motivation to take them down

As Gaimin Gladiators continue their dominant streak, winning three consecutive Majors this season and remaining unbeaten in Tier 1 tournaments, their upcoming run at the Riyadh Masters 2023 can potentially cement their names as one of the most dominant team in Dota 2 history.

Quinn's Perspective on Playing Against Team Liquid 

During the livestream, Quinn talked about the impact of Team Liquid's enthusiastic fan base during their matches. He highlighted the deafening cheers that erupt from the crowd with every kill Team Liquid secures, creating an intense and intimidating atmosphere that drives him and his team to perform even better. The player also mentions how he wants to celebrate similarly to Sébastien "Ceb" Debs’ moment at The International 9, where he silenced the Chinese fans.

Its funny, I talked about this in the Monkey Business show, I think playing Liquid, there's this funny dynamic that they have so many fans like everywhere. They're by far the most popular team, apart from like Russian teams because that's a bit of a different beast because they're such a huge fan base and they also aren't fans of that many other teams. Every time liquid gets a kill in a finals the whole building is like LETS GO LIQUID, its deafening, every time they get 1 kill.  If we're winning then everyone’s just like <light cheering>  its just whatever. So in game two we were losing and they're chanting LETS GO LIQUID, and then we're losing and at some point in this game I’m ike okay I'll show you. Yeah sure you wanna cheer? Okay. I don't know it's very motivating playing Liquid because of how annoying their fans are. I want to walk out on stage like Ceb in China with this hand up to the ear” he said.

Quinn's recent livestream comments offer an intriguing glimpse into the unique rivalry between Gaimin Gladiators and Team Liquid, showcasing the intense motivation that arises from competing against such a popular and vociferous opponent. As Gaimin Gladiators continue their incredible winning streak and aim for victory at the Riyadh Masters, their encounters with Team Liquid will undoubtedly be thrilling battles that captivate Dota 2 fans worldwide.

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