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Quinn Lists the Current Top Mids in Dota 2

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In response to a question about who he admires or has an eye on right now, Quinn listed several of the top midlaners in the world.
He mentioned Nothingtosay, Abed, Gpk, Yopaj, Karl, Nisha, SumaiL and the midlaners of the Top 6 teams at TI10.
He also spoke about the midlane changes that he was hoping for in Patch 7.31

Quincy Crew scored a hard-fought 2-0 victory over Wildcard Gaming in the opening match of the DPC NA 2021/2022 Tour 2: Division I. This was quite surprising considering the fact that Quincy Crew came into the series as favorites (having finished on top of the table last season) and were expected to overwhelm Wildcard Gaming. However, some really clever map movements from the underdogs managed to extend the games and made them into a much more even affair. Eventually, Quincy Crew did manage to pull off the 2-0 victory and secured an early lead in the NA DPC Div.1 points table.

Following the team’s victory Quincy Crew’s midlaner Quinn "Quinn" Callahan spoke about the win in the post game interview stating, “I am happy with winning, but I am not happy with the way we won. But I think that is a pretty standard thing for Dota 2 players.”

He also went on to speak about the midlane and the current top mid players that he has an eye on.

Quinn’s Current Top Dota 2 Mid-Laners

When he was questioned about what mids he currently looked up to or had his eye on, Quinn listed several of the top midlaners in the world.

“I always watch NothingtoSay and Abed’s games, I think they’re both really really good. I watch Gpk from time to time. Yopaj is obviously quite good. I think Karl is really really good at some things,” said Quinn. “I think a lot of the teams that you find in the Top 6 of last TI, their mid players are really exceptional.”

He also went on to mention both Nisha and SumaiL from Team Secret. Nisha is really really good at mid too, so it is actually kind of cool that he is back to it, so that I can watch his games. [This is] not to say that SumaiL isn’t, but I think Nisha is just someone who is a really interesting player to watch,” he said.

Quinn also commented on why Team Secret may have chosen to switch the roles of the two players.

“I know SumaiL is still one of the best laners, if not the best laner in the world. He has some aspects to his laning that are just unrivaled. But I think in terms of how that team functions, it seems like Nisha mid just works better for them. They were really fearsome at TI with him mid. He is just a really good mid player: his laning is very solid, he has low deaths, he makes good moves, he is just a good mid player. And I think SumaiL is probably more comfortable on carry right now, or atleast he said that in some interview.”

Thoughts on changes to the mid lane

The NA star also commented on the recent changes (or lack thereof) that Patch 7.31 brought to the mid lane.

“I hoped for more changes, I don’t know if I expected more,” he said. “I think the Bounty Rune being removed did help. Mid is better than it was [in the] last patch, I think it could potentially still be tweaked further but I think the bounty rune being moved had more impact than people thought it would, me included.”

If he was Icefrog, he said that he might remove the two minute water runes, just keep the 4 minute water runes, and have real runes spawn from 6 minutes onwards to get rid of Bottle spamming. However, he also added that these small changes to midlane economy and tempo have large ramifications on the game and hence are enormous.

Quincy Crew’s next series will be against 4 Zoomers on March 23rd. The team will be hoping to build on its momentum from its first series and get off to a hot start to Tour 2 of the NA DPC league.

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