Quinn Jokes That He Would Quit Dota 2 If He Had To Play Support

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Quinn at Epicenter


Quinn “Quinn” Callahan is the midlaner for Gaimin Gladiators and a two-time Major winner in the 2023 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Season.
The player has been streaming more actively in recent times and has had many memorable moments from his streams.
In a recent livestream, Quinn talked about playing Dota 2 if he had to play position 4 or 5, and said he would play Dota 2 if that was the case.

Quinn “Quinn” Callahan, the talented midlaner for Gaming Gladiators, has found considerable success with his team this season, winning two consecutive Major tournaments, Dreamleague Season 19, and has even qualified for The International 12. Quinn has been streaming more lately and is known to have a very straightforward personality on his streams. In his recent livestream, he made an interesting statement regarding playing Dota 2 if he played support.

Quinn’s Disdain for the Support Role

During the livestream, Quinn expressed his strong disinterest in playing position 4 or 5, saying that he would quit Dota 2 if he had to play those roles, going as far as to say that he would not “want to live anymore” if he played support.

"Would you still mute teams as a support player? I would never play Dota if I had to play 5 or 4 (roles). Not in a million years. This game makes me want to blow my brains out when I play core. If I played support, I would genuinely not want to live anymore. I can't believe people play 5 for fun. That blows me away. I can't believe it, I can't believe it. It's so miserable. I would rather pull my own teeth out than play 5," Quinn said.

Quinn has had many memorable moments on his stream over the last few weeks, including a hilarious casting impression of Mason "mason" Venne and Donald Trump, and even multiple one of his iconic “can throne” moments, where he asks the enemy team to end the game.

As Gaming Gladiators prepares for DreamLeague Season 19, a highly anticipated tournament featuring the best teams from around the world, Quinn's outspoken stance on support roles adds an intriguing dimension to the team dynamics. It is worth noting that several notable teams, including OG, Tundra, and Shopify Rebellion, have enlisted stand-ins for the tournament, with the replacement of Abed by Miracle particularly capturing attention. As the Dota 2 competitive scene evolves, each player's role preference and team composition play a vital role in shaping their strategies and aspirations for success.

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