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Qojqva Comments on Nigma Galaxy’s Poor Performance

Dhruv Saikia
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Popular Dota 2 Streamer Max “Qojqva” Bröcker recently commented on Nigma Galaxy’s poor performance on his livestream.
The streamer says that it is apparent that some of their players do not play enough pub games.
Nigma Galaxy has recently been eliminated from Dreamleague Season 19 after a disappointing performance with their stand-in player Amer “Miracle-” Barkawi

Nigma Galaxy had a disappointing run in the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Western Europe (WEU) 2023 Tour 2: Division I, losing most of its games and getting relegated to Division II. This means the team won't be able to participate in the upcoming Berlin Major 2023 and have no DPC points to its name, leaving them with the tough task of playing through open qualifiers for TI12.

This situation puts the team in a tough spot as they will face many strong teams such as Secret, Alliance, Into The Breach, Old G, among others. Nigma Galaxy also played in the ongoing Dreamleague Season 19 tournament with stand-in Amer “Miracle-” Barkawi, however, the team had disappointing results and finished at the bottom of their group, leaving them eliminated from the tournament. Max “Qojqva” Bröcker shared his opinions on a recent livestream as to why Nigma Galaxy is underperforming.

Qojqva believes Nigma Galaxy players may not be playing enough pubs

Qojqva, in his recent stream, highlighted that some of the Nigma Galaxy players may not be playing enough pub games, which is affecting their performance in professional tournaments. He believes that the team’s ideas are very outdated and may not be watching enough games of other strong teams or not playing enough pubs. The streamer expressed his surprise at the team’s disappointing performance at the Dreamleague Season 19. “I just wonder how you from winning TI and runner-up TI again, to this. How does that happen? How does that happen, like genuinely. 4 years ago? So what? Maybe you just dont play at all,” the streamer said. 

The streamer then addresses why he thinks the team is underperforming. “I mean real talk? I think its apparent that some of their players dont play enough pubs. Because their ideas are very outdated, and usually, when your ideas are outdated, that means either you’re not watching enough from people that are owning at the game or you’re not playing enough yourself,” he added to his initial statement.

As things stand, Nigma Galaxy will be playing in Division II in the next DPC Tour, where the team will be unable to earn any DPC points and will not have a chance at qualifying for the Bali Major 2023. This will keep the team at its current standing of 0 DPC points and force them to play through open qualifiers for a chance to play at The International 12. With the tough rough ahead of them, the team will have to address their issues and improve their gameplay to a much higher degree in order to compete at the same level as some of the top Dota 2 teams that are currently playing.

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