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PSG.LGD Secure A Convincing Victory Against OG In The Riyadh Masters 2023 Group Stages

Dhruv Saikia
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The Riyadh Masters 2023 Group Stages are underway and the first few games of Group A have concluded.
One of the stand-out results from the first few matches was PSG.LGD’s 2-0 victory against OG.
Along with this victory, Xtreme Gaming managed to go 1-1 against Quest Esports, putting Chinese Dota 2 in the spotlight.

The Riyadh Masters 2023 Group Stages have kicked off with the 16 best teams from around the world teams battling it out to secure their spots in the playoffs. As the tournament features a gigantic USD $15,000,000 prize pool, all the competing teams will be putting their best foot forward with hopes of winning a lion’s share of the prize pool.

Among the results, PSG.LGD’s impressive 2-0 against OG is one that stood out, putting Chinese Dota 2 in the spotlight. PSG.LGD’s opening game victory against its historical rivals OG, will be encouraging to the Chinese Dota 2 community as it aims to reclaim its lost glory over the last few months.

PSG.LGD puts Chinese Dota 2 in the spotlight

The match between PSG.LGD and OG was an exciting one, with both teams playing some of the best Dota that fans have witnessed. In Game 1 of their series, both teams were in an intense back-and-forth that lasted close to 40 minutes. OG put up a valiant fight, but PSG.LGD managed to take some clutch teamfights that allowed them to build a significant net worth lead. The team used this advantage to eventually close out the game, leaving OG with little room to fight back.

Game 2 was a more one-sided affair, with PSG.LGD demonstrated its dominance right from the start. Building up a substantial lead, PSG.LGD methodically dismantled OG's game plan, making it difficult for the Western European squad to find any opportunities to bring the game back in their favor. The game ended in a quick 27 minutes, leaving no doubt about PSG.LGD's potential in the tournament.

Xtreme Gaming secures one game against Quest Esports

PSG.LGD's commanding performance against OG was not the only highlight for Chinese Dota at the Riyadh Masters 2023. Xtreme Gaming, with their newest addition, Zhao "XinQ" Zixing, a TI10 finalist, also showcased their strength by securing a 1-1 draw against a surging Quest Esports.

Despite an initial loss in Game 1, the team managed to regroup and come back stronger in Game 2, with impressive performances from Daniel "Ghost" Chan and Zhang "Paparazi" Chengjun.

As the Riyadh Masters 2023 Group Stages continue, PSG.LGD's dominant performance against OG stands as one of the standout moments of Day 1. Additionally, Xtreme Gaming's solid showing with its newest addition further emphasizes the prowess of Chinese Dota at the tournament. As the competition intensifies, fans will be anticipating how much further Chinese Dota 2 teams can make it at the tournament.

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