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Players Can Now Vote For Hero Sets to be Included in the Upcoming Diretide Collector's Cache

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For the next five days, players can vote for their favorite sets to be included in the upcoming Diretide Collector's Cache
The last Collector’s Cache to be released by Valve was during the Aghanim’s Labyrinth in 2021, which featured 18 different hero sets.
There are currently 128 hero sets waiting to be voted by the Dota 2 community.

While the off-season continues to provide entertainment in the form of Diretide, players are now able to vote for their favorite hero sets and cosmetics for the upcoming Diretide Collector’s Cache. While the Collector’s Cache is usually released in conjunction with The International (TI), as of late Valve has released the Collector’s Cache in conjunction with events such as the Aghanim’s Labyrinth and the Nemestice event game.

TI11 Battle Pass to have its own Collector’s Cache in the form of Diretide

For those unfamiliar with Collector’s Cache in general, Collector's Caches are special Treasures that contain exclusive, untradeable cosmetic items made by the members of the Dota 2 workshop community themselves. The contents of the cache are generally based on the aesthetic theme of each year's event/tournament, in which this year would be Diretide.

One of main differences between normal treasures and Collector’s Cache is that the players can vote on which cosmetic items are to be put inside the cache itself, allowing players to have a say in the matter on which cosmetic items they prefer to own in the game itself. The Collector’s Cache was made available since The International 2015 (TI5), and has been an annual treasure since.

In terms of how the Collector’s Cache voting system works, it starts with Dota 2 workshop artists submitting their own hero cosmetics based on the year’s specific theme. Valve would then collect the eligible contents before allowing the community to vote on the cosmetics they felt should be included in the Collector’s Cache. The final content of the cache would then be decided by votes from Dota 2 players that own the Battle Pass.

The final number of cosmetics within the Collector’s Cache can vary, however the cache would always contain more than 15 hero sets. The previous Aghanim's 2021 Collector's Cache contained a total of 18 hero sets, with 3 sets being labeled from Rare to Ultra Rare.

There are currently 128 finalists waiting to be voted by the community. The voting process is quite simple, as players would only need to press the “thumbs up” button for the sets that they like to see in the game and vice versa. Players can also demo the hero cosmetics to have a better look before deciding, as certain hero sets will provide extra cosmetics as well as in-game wallpapers to be used in a player’s profile page.

The voting period for the Diretide Collector’s Cache will start from today until the 14th November, meaning that Dota 2 players will only have five days to vote for their favorite sets.

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