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Patch 7.32d Released as Marci, Primal Beast & Wraith Pact Receive Nerfs

Ammar Aryani
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Patch 7.32d was released earlier today to balance the game during the competitive off-season.
Marci, Primal Beast and more received nerfs as Valve tweaks its hero pool for the upcoming Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season.
Wraith Pact also had modifications as it no longer reduces Magical or Pure damage.

Valve released Patch 7.32d earlier today for Dota 2 as it looks to balance the competitive scene during the off-season. Patch 7.32d fixes some of the noticeable bugs such as Underlord’s Fiend's Gate being killable by Death Prophet's Exorcism while also nerfing some of the higher win-rate heroes at TI11 such as Marci and Primal Beast. 

Dota 2’s Patch 7.32d also sees Wraith Pact’s reign of terror slowly coming to an end, as it received major nerfs in terms of active abilities.

Patch 7.32d: The Biggest Losers


Having become the most picked hero at TI11 according to Liquipedia, Marci has been enjoying a run of form despite small nerfs in the previous patches due to her flexible abilities either as an offlaner or soft support. Having a decent pick rate of 10.87% and a stable 49.84% win rate according to Dotabuff, people were still expecting to see Marci in future competitive matches.

However, nerfs to her abilities might hinder her ratings as Rebound’s cast & jump range has been reduced significantly meaning that it would be harder for Marci to initiate during teamfights. 

Another noticeable nerf is her Sidekick ability, as the lifesteal decreased to a maximum of 45%.


Primal Beast

After having managed to dominate the competitive scene upon release, Primal Beast was expected to be the most picked hero at TI11. However, the hero was mostly countered by different strategies as it had a horrendous 47.76% win rate at the event according to Liquipedia.

While the hero is still popular amongst the community, nerfs to his Onslaught ability saw the ability’s damage being reduced by a small amount during its initial stage. However, the ability can now be canceled by stuns such as Abyssal Blade.

Primal Beast

Wraith Pact

Wraith Pact has been a crucial part of Tundra Esports’s strategies at TI11, as the team utilized the item the most at TI11 as part of its “zoo meta”. Additionally, the item summons a movable aura totem which reduces all types of damage by 30% within a 900 radius which caused the community to call for the item to be balanced by Dota 2 developers after TI11.

Following a month of waiting, the developers have finally granted the wishes of its community with minor modifications to the item. The modification includes the aura no longer reducing any Magical or Pure damage, meaning that spellcasters such as Lina, Lion and Puck can now deal full magical damage to enemies despite the summoned totem. 

Wraith Pact

Following the newest patch release, it will be interesting to see how pro players react to the changes during the off-season, as the regional Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) leagues are expected to begin their open qualifiers on 11th December according to the official DPC website.

There are also a lot of other changes including the hotfixes for certain heroes abilities as well as other hero changes. You can read the full Patch Notes on Valve’s official website to keep yourself updated on all of the new changes.

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