Outsiders's DM at PGL Arlington Major.


Outsiders Resumes its Journey to TI11 with a Win in the EEU Regional Qualifiers

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After controversially losing its direct invite to The International 2022 (TI11), Outsiders will now have to make it to TI11 through the Eastern European (EEU) Regional Qualifiers.
Outsiders, also known as Virtus Pro faced off against Pari Parni, formerly known as CIS Rejects in its first match.
Outsiders dominated Pari Parni as they secured a 2-0 stomp, continuing its run in the qualifiers.

With the first twelve invited teams for TI11 finalized, the month of September marks the beginning of the TI11 Regional Qualifiers with the Eastern Europe region starting its series of matches today. After controversially missing out on a direct invitation to TI11 by a sliver, thanks to a set of unique calculations made by Valve, Outsiders will begin its gauntlet run in the TI11 EEU Regional Qualifiers, facing off against Pari Parni, formerly known as CIS Rejects.

Outsiders won the series with a 2-0 in dominating fashion, and will now face the winner of the series between PuckChamp vs Mind Games in its next match.

Outsiders vs Pari Parni: Match recap

Despite securing a Top 8 finish at the Arlington Major, Outsiders were very unlucky to have missed out on the final invite to TI11, after barely missing out on 1 point, amidst a controversy caused due to a discrepancy in how Liquipedia & Valve calculated DPC points.

However, Outsiders still have another chance to qualify toward the coveted TI11 tournament via the EEU Regional Qualifiers. While the region is full of strong oppositions such as BetBoom Team, NaVi and Mind Games, many in the community picked Outsiders as the heavy favorites to win the EEU Qualifiers.


Outsiders vs Pari Parni - Game One

Game One saw Pari Parni drafted a core lineup of Dawnbreaker, Morphling and Void Spirit while Outsiders went for an aggressive lineup of Medusa, Necrophos in the mid lane and Dragon Knight.

Despite Pavel "9pasha" Khvastunov’s aggressive playstyle on the Dawnbreaker, Outsiders were just the better team as Danil "gpk" Skutin’s Necrophos and Dmitry "DM" Dorokhin’s Dragon Knight did not allow the Kamil "Koma`" Biktimirov’s Morphling to have an impact in the game by shutting him down completely during the match. The match ended in the 33rd minute mark as Outsiders were dominating the entire match.

Outsiders vs Pari Parni - Game Two

Game Two saw Pari Parni tweaking its draft as it retained the Dawnbreaker but also picking up Templar Assassin and a rare Riki carry while Outsiders went for Lina, Razor and Doom, a draft that is very aggressive and team fight oriented.

This match was even more one-sided than the previous one, as Outsiders were completely in control as the amount of stuns from Outsiders were too much for Pari Parni despite Riki’s attempt to come back into the game. The game ended at the 26th minute mark as Pari Parni could no longer withstand the aggression of Outsiders’s draft.

Following the victory, Outsiders will proceed into the Upper Bracket Semi Finals of the EEU Regional Qualifiers as it awaits the victor of the PuckChamp vs Mind Games series.

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