Old G Failed To Qualify For Division II of DPC 2023 WEU Winter Tour

Ammar Aryani
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Old G's Topson with OG at The International 2019</p></div>
Old G's Topson with OG at The International 2019


Old G were unable to qualify for the second division of the DPC 2023 WEU Winter Tour.
The team lost earlier to Ooredoo Thunders earlier, however would have one more chance as it looked to qualify via the Lower Bracket Finals.
However, Old G were unable to take the one final step needed as it lost 2-0 to Monaspa.

Old G have failed to qualify for Division II of Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2023 Western Europe (WEU) Winter Tour despite having come close twice. Earlier today, Old G were one step away from qualifying into the second division. However, the team lost against the Ooredoo Thunders earlier today in the Upper Bracket Finals of the Closed Qualifiers.

While Old G had one more opportunity to qualify via the Lower Bracket Finals if it won against Monaspa, its opponents would go on to convincingly defeat them 2-0 which denied them all hopes of qualifying for Division II.

Old G unable to qualify for Division II

While many predicted that Old G would have the upper chance of winning the series, others believed that Monaspa’s players have the potential to create an upset against the living legends.

Game One

The early game went in favor of Monaspa, as the core duo of Lasha "Nande" Narsia’s Morphling & Irakli "W1sh-" Peranidze’s Tinker were able to farm to their full potential early in the game.

However, in the mid-game Old G slowly regained advantage in terms of networth & experience as the duo of Volodymyr "Noone" Minenko’s Slark & Topias "Topson" Taavitsainen’s Sniper managed to even the odds. Unfortunately, Old G’s advantages would end up in vain as a crucial teamfight allowed Monaspa to achieve victory in Game One after 35 minutes.

Game Two

The early game once again went in the favor of Monaspa, as their core heroes were able to pick off kill after kill in the laning phase.

Going into the mid-game, Old G were putting up a fight as it tried to delay the game long for its core heroes to fully unlock their late game potential. While Old G were successful in doing so, Nande’s Phantom Assassin allowed Monaspa to have the upper hand in terms of damage output.

Monaspa ended up securing the series 2-0 after the 45th minute mark, as it denied Old G the chance to enter the Division II of the DPC 2023 WEU Winter Tour.

Following the series, the Closed Qualifiers in the WEU region has officially concluded with Ooredoo Thunders & Monaspa securing their own Division II slots for the upcoming DPC 2023 WEU Winter Tour. As for Old G, they will unfortunately have to wait until the conclusion of the DPC 2023 WEU Winter Tour if it wishes to mount another attempt at qualifying for Division II.

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