OG Knocks Out Nigma To Deny Kuroky's Hope of 10th TI

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OG had defeated Team Nigma in a grueling BO3 in the lower bracket final of TI10 WEU qualifier.
OG will proceed to go against Tundra Esports in the grand final of the qualifier.
Team Nigma has been eliminated and it will be the first time Kuroky won't be attending the grand event, later on October 2021.

Team Nigma’s chances of qualifying to The International 10 (TI10) finally came to an end after a 1-2 loss against OG in the Western Europe (WEU) qualifier. Fans once again had the chance to witness a repeat of The International 9 grand final’s matchup as both Nigma and OG brought their A-Game to the Winner Bracket finals. After an intense set of matches, in the end it was OG who emerged victorious. OG will now advance to the Grand Finals of TI10’s Western Europe Qualifier to face Tundra Esports. Here is a recap of what has happened in the grueling BO3.

OG vs Team Nigma: Recap, Highlights

Game One

The first game showcased a Morphling-Dark Willow Aghanim Scepter’s combo from OG while Nigma had drafted a strong Invoker and Terrorblade as their cores. The game went back and forth with both teams winning and losing teamfights and yet Nigma maintained a consistent net worth lead on top of OG. With Miracle- securing a ‘rampage’ on his signature Invoker and OG losing their buybacks one-by-one, Team Nigma secured the first win in 40 minutes.

Game Two

The second game witnessed a more interesting lineup from Nigma, placing Razor on the position five and Alchemist onto MinD_ContRoL’s’s offlane, meanwhile, OG went for the classic IO-Gyrocopter combination. During the laning stage, Topson’s Windranger completely dominated Miracle- 's Ember Spirit and he made tons of valuable rotations, picking up kills across the map. The entirety of the game was wholly in favor of OG, and Nigma, despite their attempt to cut creeps and delay the push, had to call ‘GG’ after 34 minutes.

Game Three

The third game brought to us another odd draft with Naga Siren position 5 on the side of OG, while Nigma went for a more conservative Mars-Phoenix lineup. OG’s cores lead the networth board and they were constantly racking up pressure onto their opponent, causing Team Nigma to struggle to come online. During the climax of the game, a beautiful stun into Epicenter by Ceb’s Sand King won them a deciding teamfight and the game ended convincingly after 30 minutes.

Here is a highlight of the OG vs Team Nigma matchup.

Kuroky won’t be competing in The International for the first time

A lot of fans are celebrating this result from the El Clasico showdown, however, the community is also grieving the fact that we won’t be seeing the legendary Team Nigma on The International’s stage. This will be the first time Kuro”Kuroky” Salehi Takhasomi won’t be playing at the grand event as he had competed in every single The International, up until their elimination just moments ago. This means that Team Secret captain Clement "Puppey" Ivanov will be the only player who would have competed in every single TI when The International 10 kicks off in Bucharest, Romania later in October 2021.

Here is a list of all the teams Kuroky had played and went to TI with;

The International 2011: GosuGamers

The International 2012: Virtus.Pro

The International 2013-2014: Na’Vi

The International 2015: Team Secret

The International 2016-2019:Team Liquid

OG, with their amazing synergy, has shown us why they’re a team to be feared despite their lackluster performance during DPC. They will now face off against Tundra Esports in the grand final of The International WEU qualifier.

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