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OG ATF Changes In-Game Name to ATM

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Ammar "ATF" Al-Assaf’s trash talk habits came back to haunt following the defeat to Team Aster.
ATF changes his nickname to ATM following the defeat, explains the main reason during a panel.
Tommy "Taiga" Le came to ATF’s defense regarding ATF’s trash talking habits during the PGL Arlington Major.

Following OG’s defeat to Team Aster in the Lower Bracket Semifinals, Ammar ``ATF '' Al-Assaf was in the spotlight with many in the Dota 2 community criticizing the 17 year old offlaner for his trash talking habits during professional matches. ATF’s trash talking was thrown into the limelight after OG’s series against beastcoast and Team Aster.

ATF in his first series called beastcoast carry, Héctor "K1" Rodríguez ‘a Bot’ in the first game, leading to many fans spamming multiple hate comments on ATF’s social media handles. Following this, his OG teammate, Tommy "Taiga" Le came to his defense following the community’s harassment towards the player regarding his trash talking habits.

Taiga Defends His Teammate, Asks Community to Stop the Hate.

After seeing the unfair hatred being delivered to ATF and social media handles, OG’s support player Taiga came to ATF’s defense. While the player agreed that ATF’s trash talking habits during matches wasn’t professional, he also stated that it’s wrong for the Dota 2 community to send hateful messages & harassing the player’s family members as it is not right for a 17 year old player to receive these types of messages. Additionally, Taiga later added that ATF’s mentality is strong as he doesn’t care about the criticism given to him by the community.

ATF Takes Trash Talk in His Stride

Despite ATF becoming known as a trashtalker, he also has shown a tendency to take it on the chin when the trash talking roles are reversed. When OG lost to Team Aster in the Lower Bracket Semifinals by a score of 1-2, Team Aster support, Yu ``皮球" Yajun typed in all chat “ATF=ATM?”

Team Aster support, Yu ``皮球" Yajun typed in all chat “ATF=ATM?”


ATF participated in the Arlington Major’s panelist desk alongside Sébastien "Ceb" Debs ahead of the Team Spirit vs Team Aster in the Lower Bracket Grand Finals, where he expressed his thoughts regarding his new nickname after the loss. He said that “it looks good” and that he likes it for the memes.

Furthermore, the offlaner also changed his in-game Dota 2 nickname to ATM on his Steam profile following the defeat, perhaps indicating that he is not at all affected by the trash talk from opposing teams.

ATF changed his in-game name to ATM on his Stream profile

OG will take the time after their exit from the Arlington Major to rest & recuperate, before heading to Malaysia for ESL One Malaysia 2022 where they will be playing with their coach, Evgenii "Chuvash" Makarov as a stand-in for their captain, Mikhail "Misha" Agatov as the latter is still facing visa issues.

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