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ODPixel Says Swearing Is Somewhat Permitted for Dota 2 Casting

Ammar Aryani
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Owen "ODPixel" Davies said in a recent live stream that casters are allowed to swear during official games, in contrast to other esports titles.
However, he also noted that it should be kept at a minimum as there is a time and place for everything.

During a recent livestream, Dota 2 caster Owen "ODPixel" Davies said that the casters are allowed to swear during official matches. The statement seemed to surprise many as other esports titles like Valorant and League of Legends tend to fine players and casters alike if they curse during a live broadcast.

While the British caster said it's fine to curse during a live match or broadcast, he also stated that it should be kept at a minimum since there is a sensible limit on when and where cursing should be used.

“There’s a sensible limit,” ODPixels talks about cursing during casting

Cursing during a live broadcast tends to get people in trouble, as the player sor casters could be penalized for saying a bad word. However, that’s not the case with the Dota 2 esports scene according to Owen "ODPixel" Davies, who is well-known for his energetic & fast-paced casting style, for  which the community dubbed him “The Rap God of Dota 2.”

In a recent livestream, the British caster said that Dota 2 casters are allowed to curse as there are no specific rules about cursing while casting a live match. However, he also said that it’s more of a personal choice for casters if they wanted to curse while covering the match.

“Yes, you are allowed to curse, of course. There aren't any specific rules [by Valve] that specify that you cannot curse whilst casting a live match. It’s more of a personal choice. I choose not to curse because that’s just what I feel like that’s the best for my type of cast but that does not mean that I think that it's inappropriate when other people curse [during live games]. I think it fits their style well” said ODPixel.

While he did divulge that casters will not get into trouble with Valve or tournament organizers if they curse during a live match, he also said that there’s a sensible limit for casters to curse as the issue could force Valve to take action against the casters.

“But if you curse [during a live match], you will not get into trouble [with Valve]. But you have to know that there’s a sensible limit, like if you curse every now and then Valve probably gonna be like “Well, let’s not invite this person to the next major tournament.” But if you drop the F bomb once every few series, Valve will not tell you off.”

ODPixel concluded by saying that cursing is only allowed for casters when they could feel the vibe of certain teamfights or plays as constant swearing during a live match would feel trashy for both viewers and casters alike.

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