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Nigma Galaxy's DPC Dreams Shattered: Relegated to Division II

Dhruv Saikia
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Nigma Galaxy lost its crucial tiebreakers against both Monaspa and Entity and will now be relegated to Division II of the next Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season.
The team currently has 0 DPC points and this relegation means that the team will be unable to earn any more DPC points till The International (TI) 2023.
Nigma Galaxy will now have to play through open qualifiers for TI 2023, which will have several other highly skilled teams from the WEU region.

After entering Division I by placing high in Division II, Nigma Galaxy struggled to keep up with the top teams in the division, and its run has been nothing short of disappointing. Despite taking off a few games from top teams like Liquid and Gaming Gladiators, Nigma Galaxy failed to maintain its momentum and lost crucial games against Monaspa and Entity in tiebreaker matches. The losses sealed its fate as the bottom-ranked team in Division I, with 0 DPC points to its name. 

With these results, Nigma Galaxy will be relegated to Division II in the next DPC season where the competition is still tough. The team has a total of 0 DPC points, and with no other options to earn DPC points before The International (TI) 2023, Nigma Galaxy will have to play through open qualifiers to have a chance to earn a coveted slot at TI 2023.

Nigma Galaxy's Disappointing DPC Run Ends in Relegation to Division II

Nigma Galaxy has had a few disappointing seasons of competitive Dota in the past few years. However, after the addition of Syed "SumaiL" Hassan and Ammar “ATF” Al-Assaf, the team has been on a slow ascent and has been performing better in recent times.

The team managed to climb into Division I of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Western Europe (WEU) Tour 2, but the team’s performance thereafter has been disappointing. Throughout all three weeks of the entire DPC WEU Tour 2: Division I, the team managed to win only one series against Ooredoo Thunders.

The team began to show some signs of improvement, with tightly contested matches against teams such as Team Liquid, OG, and Gaimin Gladiators (GG). However, the team failed to perform in their tiebreakers against Monaspa and Entity, losing both games to place last in the DPC standings.

The team's relegation to Division II means that it will no longer have the opportunity to earn DPC points until TI 12. This also means that Nigma Galaxy will miss out on a chance to participate in the Bali Major 2023.

Playing through the open qualifiers in WEU will be a daunting task for Nigma Galaxy, as the competition will be fierce. The team will have to compete against many other strong teams for a chance to re-enter Division I, which will undoubtedly be a challenging journey.

It's a hard pill to swallow for Nigma Galaxy and their fans, as they were hopeful for a better outcome in Division I after their impressive performance in Division II. Nevertheless, the team must regroup and come back stronger in time for TI 2023 to regain its prestige.

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