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Neon Esports Have Been Relegated From DPC SEA Upper Division

Vignesh Raghuram
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Neon Esports suffer a 1-2 loss against Nigma Galaxy.
The team has been relegated to the lower division of the DPC SEA 2021/22 as a result.
Execration is the other team that has been relegated from the SEA Upper Division. Talon Esports and RSG are the two teams that will be replacing the two teams, next season.

After finishing in the bottom two positions of the table in Tour 2, Neon Esports is the second team to be relegated from the Dota 2 Pro Circuit (DPC) SEA 2021/2022: Upper Division, following Execration’s relegation earlier last week. The relegation was confirmed after a 1-2 loss against Nigma Galaxy SEA in its final match of its run in Tour 2 of the SEA DPC this season.

Neon Esports finished the season with only one series win to its name (against bottom-place side Execration) and will overall be disappointed with their run in this season. The team will need to survive the Lower Division in order to be able to compete in the upcoming TI11 SEA Qualifiers.

On the other hand, Nigma Galaxy SEA, despite a surprise loss against Execration last week, avoided relegation tiebreakers thanks to this crucial victory.

Nigma Galaxy SEA vs Neon Esports: Recap, Highlights

In Game 1 of the series, Neon Esports took control of the game on the back of an overfarmed Medusa from Philip "Asta" Joshua Torres. Although Nigma Galaxy SEA was in control for the majority of the game, Asta managed to keep himself on the top of the net worth charts and eventually overwhelmed the opponents as a raid boss.

Nigma Galaxy SEA struck back in Game 2 of the series with Vincent "AlaCrity" Hiew Teck Yoong’s Meepo who just cruised to victory by virtue of controlling and effectively farming the map.

Game 3 was the most one-sided match of the series, where both of Nigma Galaxy SEA’s cores snowballed with AlaCrity’s Templar Assassin and Muhammad "inYourdreaM" Rizky’s Medusa beating down their opponents with ease. This was all set up by a cheeky Broodmother last pick for Galvin "Meracle" Kang Jian We in the offlane. Meracle exerted an enormous amount of pressure in the laning phase, setting the team up for success.

Following their relegation, Execration and Neon Esports will be replaced by Talon Esports and RSG in the Upper Division for Tour 3 of the SEA DPC 2021/22. The two newly promoted teams will be vying for a spot in the PGL Arlington Dota 2 Major which is currently scheduled to run from August 4 to 14.

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