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N0tail Says OG Will Knock Out EG At Berlin Major

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The Berlin Major continues with the Top 8 teams battling it out for $500,000 USD and 2700 DPC points.
OG has managed to make it to the Top 8 of the tournament despite a recent loss to Lima Major 2023 and Dreamleague Season 19 champions Gaimin Gladiators.
The winner of The International 8 and 9, Johan "N0tail" Sundstein was present on the Berlin Major post-game panel and gave his thoughts about OG’s next few opponents.

The Berlin Major 2023 has been underway, and the Top 8 teams have been decided. Among these teams are OG, who is currently playing with two stand-in players, Ivan "MinD_ContRoL" Ivanov from Nigma Galaxy and Kartik "Kitrak" Rathi from Old G. The team recently lost its upper bracket game against Gaimin Gladiators, the Lima Major 2023 and Dreamleague Season 19 champions. On the Berlin Major panel, Johan "N0tail" Sundstein gave his thoughts on OG's next few opponents in the lower bracket. He mentioned OG's classic rivalry with EG and predicted a win, expressing his confidence in the team's abilities.

N0tail's thoughts on OG’s next few opponents

After OG's defeat against Gaimin Gladiators, N0tail from the panel gave his thoughts on OG's next opponents in the lower bracket. He highlighted the long-standing rivalry between OG and EG. “OG's gonna knock EG out like classic, you know it's already written. Then it's either gonna be OG vs Sumail. Could be OG vs Tundra, OG vs 9Pandas, or OG vs Aster and I think all of them are great stories. I like what I see, I really like what I see," n0tail said.  

He also expressed excitement for potential matchups against Sumail, Tundra, 9Pandas, and Aster, all of which he thinks would make for great stories.

When asked about Gaimin Gladiator's strategy to target OG's stand-ins, especially MindControl, N0tail praised MindControl's ability to play the long game and thrive under pressure. "I think everybody's just getting mind-controlled right now, he's playing the long game here. It takes a few steps, like you said, to become the underdog. The target's on their back and we'll see them later on in the tournament I'm sure," he added.

N0tail's confidence in OG's lower bracket run is boosted by the team's impressive performance despite playing with two stand-ins. He praised MindControl's adaptability and ability to fit in with the team seamlessly. As the tournament progresses, OG is looking like the dark horse of the tournament, and the team’s next match against EG on May 5th in the lower bracket is highly anticipated. OG has a high winrate against EG, and fans are eager to see if the team can continue winning against its long-time rivals.

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