Loda Surprises Fans With A Dota 2 Song Release!

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Loda from Team Alliance


Jonathan "Loda" Berg, the legendary Dota 2 player and coach of Alliance, has surprised fans by releasing a new Dota 2 song titled "Hero".
The music and lyrics of "Hero" were written and sung by Loda himself, and the accompanying music video features Dota 2 heroes such as Alchemist, Pudge, Doom, Lina, and others.
This isn't the first time Loda has released a song, but it's been 12 years since his last release.

Jonathan "Loda" Berg, co-founder and co-owner of Alliance, has released a new song dedicated to Dota 2 and his career in the game. As a retired veteran and champion of The International 2013, Loda has been a key figure in the Dota 2 community. The song has been well-received by the Dota 2 community, with many fans expressing their appreciation for the music and the artwork that showcases various heroes chasing a creep on its own path.

Loda's Musical Career and "Hero"

Apparently, Loda is a man of many talents. The International 3 Champion and co-owner of The Alliance wrote and performed the song by himself, with fans being pleasantly surprised by the quality of his singing. The music video for the song was created by dmurio, who previously made videos for the Dota 2 Short Film Contest that happens during The International.

The video follows a Radiant creep’s journey through the Dota 2 world and has interactions with several Dota 2 heroes, including Alchemist, Anti-Mage, Zeus, Axe, Pudge, Doom, Earthshaker, Queen of Pain, Mars, and Lina. The video also features Roshan singing into the microphone for a few moments. In a hilarious segment in the video, the creep is rescued from enemy Dire creeps by Anti-Mage.

This is not Loda's first venture into music, as he previously performed "Another Day, Another Place" by the band My Yellow Umbrella, albeit twelve years ago. Despite the gap between his musical projects, Loda's latest work is proof of his enduring creativity and talent.

Dota 2 has a surprisingly impressive presence in the music industry, with many artists gaining inspiration from the game to create their music. Along with Loda’s musical endeavors, Basshunter’s iconic song, ‘Basshunter DotA’, is another piece of music that has been widely known in the community with over 72 Million views on YouTube. Another rap song, titled ‘astral step’ by artist shadowraze topped the Spotify Russia Weekly Chart for two consecutive weeks. These are just a few examples of how Dota 2 has managed to extend its influence beyond the game and into other creative mediums, proving that its appeal goes far beyond just being a great game.

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