Lima Major 2023 Day 5 Recap: 6 Teams Say Goodbye While 12 Remain

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Lima Major 2023 Day 5 Recap: 6 Teams Say Goodbye While 12 Remain</p></div>
Lima Major 2023 Day 5 Recap: 6 Teams Say Goodbye While 12 Remain


The Group Stage of the Lima Major 2023 has finally concluded after an intensive five days where 18 teams hashed it out.
TSM, Execration, Knights, EHOME, Geek Slate and BetBoom Team are eliminated from the Major altogether after a brutal Group Stage.
The remaining 12 teams will move on to the Playoffs stage.

The Lima Major 2023 Group Stage has finally concluded after an exhilarating five days of non-stop action. While the eighteen teams managed to provide some entertaining matches, the conclusion of the group stages meant that only twelve teams will be moving on to the Playoffs stage whereas the remaining teams have been eliminated from the Major.

There were a lot of matches and game highlights to watch from the final day of the group stage, including a couple of tiebreakers. With that in mind, here is a full recap of the events that went down on Day Five.

Lima Major 2023 Group Stage: Day Three Recap

Group A

Gaimin Gladiators & Team Spirit secure top spot

Despite making only a single change in the midlaner for both teams, Gaimin Gladiators and Team Spirit claimed the top spot of group A with a record of 11 wins & 5 losses altogether.

Team Spirit was able to sweep aside Southeast Asia’s Execration with a 2-0 victory to secure its place in the Upper Bracket, whereas Gaimin Gladiators dominated its series against Chinese juggernaut PSG.LGD.

Tundra Esports barely avoids elimination

Heralded as one of the favorites to win the Major, Tundra Esports was expected by many to showcase new strategies and dominate the group stage. However, the TI (The International) champion instead found itself barely avoiding elimination via tiebreakers.

If TSM had drawn against Evil Geniuses on the final day, Tundra Esports would have found itself in a three-way tiebreaker to remain at the Major. However, the team managed to avoid the scenario by the skin of its teeth.

TSM, Execration & EHOME pack their bags

Having come to the Major as the top seed from their respective regions, both Execration & TSM were unable to continue their journey at the Major following their final day losses against Team Spirit & Evil Geniuses.

EHOME was also eliminated as the Chinese team ended the group stage at the bottom of the standings with 3 wins & 13 losses.

Group B

Team Liquid dominates Group B

Despite losing only 2 games out of the 16 it played in the group stage, Team Liquid moved into the Playoff stage as the top representative of Group B. On the final day, Team Liquid was able to easily sweep aside Team Aster with a 2-0 victory.

Joining Liquid in the Upper Bracket from Group B was Entity, Shopify Rebellion and Team Aster, with Team Aster managing to qualify over beastcoast after playing a tiebreaker for 4th place.

HellRaisers delays its trip home as it advances into Playoffs

Despite HellRaisers’ horrible start to the group stage, the team was able to regain momentum during the final three days as it retained its place in the the Major.

After managing to win against Knights with a 2-0 victory, the team was able to force a decisive tiebreaker against Geek Slate. HellRaisers was able to defeat Geek Slate with ease and held its place in the Major. Despite the victory, the team will start its journey from the Lower Bracket and will face off against the loser of the Team Liquid-Talon Esports series.

BetBoom Team disappoints as it joins Geek Slate & Knights at the airport

Having come to the Major as one of the top favorites to win the entire tournament, BetBoom Team was looked upon by many as a superteam as the roster comprised some of the best players from the Eastern European region.

However, the team was eliminated from the Major altogether after a rough campaign which saw midlaner Danil “gpk” Skutin presumably falling ill right before the Group Stage. Joining BetBoom Team in elimination were Geek Slate & Knights, with the former brutally missing out on a spot in the Lower Bracket after losing a decisive tiebreaker against HellRaisers.

As the Group Stage has finally concluded, the remaining teams will be allowed a couple of days off to recuperate and prepare for the Playoffs stage, which will begin on 28th March.

You can check out the schedule and results of all the Lima Major Main Stage games through AFK Gaming's event tracker below.

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