Krylat Announced as New Virtus.Pro Carry


Krylat Announced as New Virtus.Pro Carry

Ammar Aryani
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Highlights announced that it has recruited former Team Empire Hope carry player Alexandr "krylat" Krylatov as its newest player.
Krylat replaces former carry Kamil "Koma`" Biktimirov following the player’s ban from future Valve events.
This makes the fifth carry player that has recruited in the past twelve months. has officially announced that it has recruited former Team Empire Hope carry player Alexandr "krylat" Krylatov as its newest player. Following the permanent ban of its former carry Kamil "Koma`" Biktimirov for account sharing and impersonating members of other teams during tournament games prior to joining the team, was forced to quickly find a suitable replacement ahead of the upcoming season.

However, it appears that’s carry issues might finally come to an end following its newest addition to the team.

Krylat replaces Koma’ in the roster as VP completes its roster in short order

“ announces the name of a new position one player of the Dota 2 roster: it is Alexander "krylat" Krylatov. “ announced the organization on Twitter.

In its latest blog post on its website, VP’s head of Dota 2 Alexander "StrangeR" Solomonov stated that Koma’s permanent ban came as a shock to the organization. However, he also stated that the team wasted no time in quickly finding a suitable replacement for the carry position as he had chosen krylat to be Koma’s replacement.

Here is Virtus.Pro’s confirmed roster for the 2022/2023 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC): 

  1. Alexander "krylat" Krylatov

  2. Ilya "squad1x" Kuvaldin

  3. Evgeniy "Noticed" Ignatenko 

  4. Oleg "sayuw" Kalenbet

  5. Andrey "Dukalis" Kuropatkin

  6. Timur "Ahilles" Kulmuhambetov (head coach)

Krylat recently honed his craft with Puckchamp for the 2021/2022 DPC season in Eastern Europe, before being picked up by Team Empire Hope during the recent off-season. However, following Koma’s permanent ban he was chosen by as its new carry.

Following the announcement, the organization also announced that it will retain its spot in the EEU DPC as Valve has allowed the emergency addition following a meeting with the organization. However, can the team compete with the likes of Team Spirit, NAVI and BetBoom Team in the region?

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