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Iceiceice Ranks The Most Competitive Regions He Has Played In

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Following his unfortunate omission from The International 2022 (TI11) Southeast Asian Qualifiers, Iceiceice has been livestreaming regularly on Twitch.
The Singaporean offlaner was asked by his viewers to rate the most competitive regions out of the four regions that he has played in.
Iceiceice explained that China was at the top of the list, followed by Europe, then SEA, while North America was ranked in last place by him.

After his unfortunate omission from the TI11 Southeast Asian (SEA) Regional Qualifiers with Team SMG, Daryl "iceiceice" Koh returned home and started livestreaming again. During a recent livestream, one of iceiceice’s viewers asked the veteran offlaner about the most competitive regions that he has played in, as he had played with different teams in multiple regions.

Iceiceice responded by saying that China was the most competitive region that he has ever played in, while rating North America as the easiest region.

Iceiceice says China is the hardest region to play in, while NA is the easiest region.

Iceiceice made his return to livestreaming, after being removed from Team Secret for having a below average performance in the Dota Pro Circuit Western European 2021/2022 season and also unable to compete in the upcoming SEA Regional Qualifiers due to SMG’s disqualification from the qualifiers.

During one of his streams, the veteran offlaner was asked by his viewers about his opinion on the most competitive region out of the four regions that he has played in. Iceiceice answered by saying that China was the hardest competitive region that he has played in, as he played with well-known teams, such as the infamous Team DK in 2014, Vici Gaming in 2015 and EHOME in 2016.

“Having tasted the EU region, which region is the most competitive out of the four regions that you’ve played in? I think it’s China actually, followed by the EU, SEA and finally NA.” said iceiceice.

He went on to say that the North American region is the easiest region to play in as it almost guarantees him a spot in tournaments, having played with Evil Geniuses during the 2020/2021 season and The International 2021 (TI10). “NA is pretty much, 100% like qualification…..if you are human. SEA is slightly harder, just a little bit more than NA.” he noted.

Iceiceice then added on by saying that both the Western European (WEU) and China regions are very difficult to compete in, if the team or the players are not stable enough. “China and WEU can be rough if you are not stable. South America? I have never played in South America before. How should I know?”

Despite iceiceice’s unfortunate circumstances, many people within the Dota 2 community are hoping that Valve would invite him over for TI11 as a broadcast talent, as this year’s The International will be held in his home country.

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