Neon Esports faced off against Execration in BTS Pro Series S12


Honors Even as Neon Esports & Execration Draw in BTS Pro Series S12

Ammar Aryani
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The Beyond The Summit (BTS) Pro Series Season 12 continues as Neon Esports faced off against Execration.
Neon Esports were looking to come back strong after its defeat to Army Geniuses yesterday.
The series ended in a draw as Execration wins Game Two after a disappointing first game.

Beyond The Summit continues to provide some top-tier Dota 2 matches during the two-week gap for the upcoming The International 2022 (TI11), as the BTS Pro Series Season 12 goes into its second day. After a disappointing loss against Army Geniuses yesterday, Neon Esports were looking to return to winning ways as it faced Execration today.

Despite winning Game One in dominating fashion, Neon Esports would have to settle for a draw after Execration returned the favor in Game Two, which ended up drawing the series.

Neon Esports vs Execration: Match recap

While Neon Esports were looking as the better team after eliminating Execration in The International 2022 (TI11) SEA Qualifiers, the latter was not allowing the series to be an easy match for Neon.

Game One

Game One saw Execration drafted Bristleback, Pangolier and Undying in offlane as a triple core lineup, while Neon chose to draft Bloodseeker, Templar Assassin (TA) and Enigma to counter its opponents.

Despite Neon Esports having an early lead thanks to Joshua "avataRmod3" Maraño’s plays on the TA, a few mistakes in the mid game allowed Execration to regain the advantage. However, Execration ended up unable to capitalize on its advantage as Neon Esports took Game One after 48 minutes.

Game Two

Game Two saw Execration return the favor as it drafted its signature Alchemist for Jinn "Palos" Lamatao, Void Spirit for Mark "Bob" Urbina and Primal Beast for Justine "Tino" Grimaldo. Neon Esports on the other hand, went for Faceless Void, Storm Spirit and Dawnbreaker.

While the early game was even for both teams, Execration started to increase its aggressive tempo as Palos’s Alchemist and Bob’s Void Spirit were constantly picking off Neon Esports heroes one by one. The game ended after 27 minutes as Neon Esports’s heroes were slowly bleeding out to Execration’s aggressive draft, drawing the series.

With the series being a draw, both teams will be looking to earn its first 2-0 win of the tournament as Neon Esports will face Lilgun tomorrow (23rd Sept). Execration on the other hand, will face Army Geniuses tomorrow as well.

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