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Gpk Compares Daxak With Yuragi on HellRaisers

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BetBoom Team midlaner Danil "gpk" Skutin recently gave his thoughts on HellRaisers and other teams and players, during an interview.
HellRaisers attended the Lima Major with OG’s Yuragi standing in as their carry player, after the organization parted ways with former carry Daxak.
He noted that there is a noticeable difference between Yuragi & Daxak on HellRaisers, saying that Daxak is more of a shot-caller in the game.

During a recent interview, BetBoom Team midlaner Danil "gpk" Skutin gave his thoughts on the current roster of HellRaisers, amongst other things. Like many other teams, a couple of days before the start of the Lima Major, BetBoom Team was involved with the Lima Major’s media day where they answered questions ahead of the Major.

During the media day, gpk was pulled aside for a quick interview regarding the grouping as well as his thoughts on a particular team.

“In the pool of heroes and behavior in the game. I think Daxak is more of an in-game shotcaller” - gpk

During the interview, according to, gpk started off by talking about the potential darkhorse teams at the Lima Major. While there were notably a few candidates that suited the criteria, he ultimately decided on Chinese representative EHOME and Eastern European (EEU) team HellRaisers

“It'll be interesting to watch HellRaisers at this Major. Probably also EHOME. There was this one person on EHOME who I fought against for respect in 2015.” said gpk

However, when asked about his fellow EEU brethren on the opposing side, gpk pointed out that HellRaisers had a completely different lineup as opposed to the time in the regional league, with OG’s Artem "Yuragi" Golubiev standing in for the recently departed Nikita "Daxak" Kuzmin.

Furthermore, he compared the two carries in terms of certain aspects. He noted that Daxak has slightly more experience than Yuragi due to the former being able to make in-game decisions during a match.

“I think there will definitely be a difference [with Yuragi on the team]. It's so hard to say because Yuragi is a slightly different player than Daxak. [What's the difference?] In the pool of heroes and behavior in the game. I think Daxak is more of an in-game shotcaller.”

Finally, when asked about his thoughts on the groupings for the Lima Major group stage, gpk noted that his team will approach each of its matches similar to how they previously did in the regional league.

“[Were you lucky with the group?] I think it's all the same. It will be interesting to watch [matches] of both groups, they are quite strong. There's no such thing that someone is weaker and someone is stronger.”

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As of now, BetBoom Team is currently in sixth place in group B after managing to draw 3 consecutive series in the past two days and will now face HellRaisers today on Day 3 of the Lima Major group stage.

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