Gaimin Gladiators’ Dyrachyo Discusses BetBoom Team’s Performance at the Lima Major


Gaimin Gladiators’ Dyrachyo Discusses BetBoom Team’s Performance at the Lima Major

Ammar Aryani
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Anton “dyrachyo” Shkredov recently gave his thoughts on BetBoom Team’s performance at the Lima Major.
BetBoom Team was eliminated from the Major after a rather disappointing campaign in the group stage, despite being seen as a top contender to win the tournament.
He noted that BetBoom’s horrible performance was possibly due to internal disagreement within the team.

During a recent interview, Gaimin Gladiators’ Anton “dyrachyo” Shkredov gave his thoughts on the Eastern European (EEU) team, BetBoom Team. Despite the EEU team fielding what appeared to be a superstar roster, the team’s performances at the Major were far from decent as the team was eliminated from the Lima Major following the conclusion of the group stage.

Having won the EEU Dota Pro Circuit (DPC): Winter Tour, BetBoom Team was heavily favored as one of the teams to win the entire event. 

Dyrachyo thinks BetBoom Team has other problems within the team

During a recent interview with popular Russian Dota 2 livestreamer Alexander “Nix” Levin, according to, dyrachyo commented on the horrible performance of BetBoom Team throughout the Group Stage while watching the team’s final series of the group stage against Geek Slate.

He started off by acknowledging Geek Slate, who were able to defeat BetBoom Team 2-0 on the final day of the group stage. While he also acknowledged that the team’s performances might have been affected due to Danil “gpk” Skutin’s illness right before the group stage, he noted that there might be other things that might be amiss within the team.

“Geek Slate is definitely the better team [than BetBoom Team]. The most interesting thing is, ok someone is sick: I remember I was tested in a team with COVID-19, it is really hard to play there. But I do not know if something is wrong with them,” said dyrachyo.

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Having dominated the EEU DPC: Winter Tour without a single loss to its name, BetBoom Team was heavily favored as one of the teams to win the Lima Major. However, when the team arrived at the Major it looked like a former shell of itself as the team was performing horribly during the group stage. In addition to that, gpk was presumably ill right before the group stage, according to

While many understood that gpk’s illness might have affected the team’s performance, its lackluster performances throughout the entirety of the group stage did little to convince its fans as the team was eliminated from the Major altogether, after losing against Geek Slate on the final day.

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