Execration Secures Major Slot as They Relegate Fnatic Into Division II In SEA DPC


Fnatic Has Been Relegated to the Lower Division For The First Time in History

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Southeast Asia (SEA) finally has its first relegated team as it continues the final week of the SEA DPC: Winter Tour.
The last SEA DPC match of the day saw relegation candidates Fnatic going up against top of the group Execration.
Despite Fnatic showing a glimmer of hope, Execration ended reverse sweeping the series with 2-1 scoreline while also securing their spot at the upcoming Lima Major.

Execration officially became the first Southeast Asia (SEA) team to have qualified for the upcoming Lima Major as the team defeated Fnatic in a reverse sweep with a 2-1 scoreline while also relegating the latter into Division II for the upcoming Spring Tour. Having been considered by many as a Major slot contender at the beginning of the season, Fnatic fell below expectations as it has now been relegated to Division II for the upcoming Spring Tour.

Fnatic vs Execration: Match recap and highlights


The series was important for both teams, as a win for Execration will most likely lock the team in for a Major slot as well putting the team on top of the Southeast Asia Dota Pro Circuit (SEA DPC) standings.

As for Fnatic, a win for them will allow them to stay in the fight to avoid relegation to Division II. Additionally, a victory here could help Fnatic in regaining faith and momentum ahead of their final series against Talon Esports in a couple of days. However, a loss would basically confirmed their spot in Division II for the upcoming Spring Tour.

Game One

The early game went into the way of Fnatic, as the core heroes of Fnatic were aggressively forcing teamfights from the get-go. Additionally, Kim "Gabbi" Santos’s Ursa had a fantastic laning phase to the point where he is top of the networth by the first 30 minutes.

However, a couple of unfavorable teamfights for Fnatic saw Execration claw their way back into the game with Jinn "Palos" Lamatao’s Marci as well as Justine "Tino" Grimaldo’s Nature’s Prophet providing the damage for the team.

While Fnatic did manage to overturn its disadvantages in the late game, they were unable to close out the game as Execration managed to hold its ground numerous times. However, Fnatic went all in on destroying Execration’s Ancient and claimed Game One.

The match also ended up breaking the record of being the longest game in the current DPC season, at 78 minutes and 16 seconds.

Game Two

With momentum now in their favor, Fnatic were looking to grab its first win of the season by picking Lina and Keeper of The Light (KOTL) for the duo of Gabbi and Armel “Armel” Tabios. Execration opted to switch things up by picking the core trio of Nature’s Prophet, Templar Assassin and Chaos Knight.

While the early game was relatively quiet, Execration’s early game aggression paid off as Palos’s Chaos Knight and Mark "Bob" Urbina’s Templar Assassin led the charge against Fnatic’s squishy heroes.

Despite Gabbi’s Lina trying to provide some form of damage, Execration ended up dominating the entire game with Fnatic tapping out just before the 40th minute mark.

Game Three

With the series now becoming a best of one, both teams were looking to refrain from making anymore mistakes. Execration drafted Spectre, Dragon Knight and Visage while Fnatic opted to retain the Lina for Gabbi.

Fnatic had the lead in the early game, as Gabbi’s Lina was leading in networth while the duo of Damien "kpii" Chok’s Death Prophet and Djardel "DJ" Mampusti’s Disruptor constantly ganking Palos’s Spectre to delay his item timings.

However, as the game progressed Execration managed to once again claw their way back into the game. Despite Fnatic desperately trying to hold on, Execration ended up winning Game Three after 44 minutes, securing their slot for the Lima Major as well as putting the nail on the coffin for Fnatic.


Here are some of the highlights from the series.

Following the match, Execration have now secured their spot at the upcoming Lima Major in Peru as they finished top of the group with six wins and one loss. As for Fnatic, they have now been relegated to Division II for the upcoming Spring Tour of the SEA DPC.

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