Fishman and Gorgc Have Public Spat on Stream

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Fishman and Gorgc Have Public Spat on Stream</p></div>
Fishman and Gorgc Have Public Spat on Stream


Dzmitry "Fishman" Palishchuk & Janne "Gorgc" Stefanovski recently exchanged harsh words with each other in a public match.
While trash talking is a normal occurrence in Dota 2, many within the community believed that Gorgc went too far as he called out Fishman’s family.
The community also praised Dendi for attempting to diffuse the situation but unfortunately it was to no avail.

In a ranked game, Entity’s Dzmitry "Fishman" Palishchuk & popular Dota 2 livestream Janne "Gorgc" Stefanovski recently went head to head with each other in a heated argument. While a Dota 2 match usually contains some form of trash talking or griefing from players, things tend to get  more heated when it comes to public matches involving professional players.

Gorgc is well-known for having a brash personality, while Fishman is known for having a calm temperament. However, during their recent match together the duo clashed with each other over differences of playstyle.

Fishman & Gorgc banter while Dendi tries to diffuse the situation

In a recent livestream, Gorgc was complaining to his live viewers about his current situation in the game as he was suffering from being harassed by the enemy heroes in his lane. Additionally, Fishman was supporting his offlaner leaving Gorgc to fend for himself in the early stages of the game as Gorgc said he was fine laning alone earlier in the game.

While Fishman did not want anything to do with Gorgc during the game as he was busy supporting his offlaner, Gorgc replied in anger saying that they could have won the lane if Fishman didn't leave him alone.

“I don’t understand why you keep TP’ing top. I was 3K net worth and he was half and then you left the lane. You ****ing dumbass. Shut up. Don’t use my name, you *****ing dog. This lane was winning, you don’t have the right to talk back.”

However, the issue did not escalate until 20 minutes later when Fishman intentionally griefed by stealing Gorgc’s farm in the lane, as the carry needed a Black King Bar at the time, and then went on to tell Gorgc to shut up. Popular community figure & B8’s captain Danil "Dendi '' Ishutin tried to diffuse the situation by calming them down as he was also in the game as their teammate. Gorgc then went on to insult Fishman by mentioning his family.

“How can I chill if you’re not ***ing flaming? Like, look at your mother. Look at the portrait of your mother and see that she’s a dog. And that means you’re also a dog. So you can go bark, or woof woof Fishman. You’re going to be teamless.”

While many within the community believed that both players were in the wrong for various reasons, many also said that Gorgc went too far with his anger when he mentioned Fishman’s family. Additionally, many praised Dendi for his positive mental attitude throughout the drama as he tried to diffuse the situation by calming everyone but unfortunately it was to no avail.

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