PSG.LGD's Faith_bian at TI11


Faith_bian Delays Retirement as PSG.LGD Secures Victory Over Beastcoast at TI11

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The first match of the final day of the Main Event saw heavy contenders PSG.LGD faced off against South American hopefuls beastcoast.
Despite an amazing performance from both teams, PSG.LGD ended up winning the series 2-1.
Following the victory, PSG.LGD will face Team Aster later today in a Chinese derby as the team looks to finally win The International after failing short twice

The final day of The International 2022 (TI11) Main Event saw heavy contenders PSG.LGD claimed a 2-1 victory against South American hopeful beastcoast as the team moved on in the Lower Bracket. PSG.LGD were looking to win this year’s International after failing one step short last year, however beastcoast were looking to make history for the South American Dota scene.

Despite an amazing performance from both teams, PSG.LGD ended up claiming the victory as it defeated beastcoast 2-1, eliminating them from TI11 while also delaying Zhang "Faith_bian'' Ruida's retirement from the professional scene.

PSG.LGD vs beastcoast: Match recap

Beastcoast had an amazing run at TI11 so far, as the team had eliminated both Hokori and Evil Geniuses to at least secure itself a top 8 finish. However, Jean "C. smile <" Salazar would have to fight alone on the main stage as his teammates tested positive for COVID-19.

PSG.LGD on the other hand, were dropped into the Lower Bracket after being defeated by Team Secret 0-2 however the team bounced back with a 2-0 win over Boom Esports.

Game One

PSG.LGD started off the drafting as it picked up Drow Ranger, Pangolier & Slardar as its core lineup while beastcoast picked up Faceless Void, Visage and Storm Spirit.

The first 40 minutes of the game was back and forth between both teams as they traded both objectives and kills. However, going into the late game Beastcoast had the upper hand as the team claimed mega creeps. Despite PSG.LGD’s attempts to turn things around with a team fight near the Roshan pit, beastcoast’s mega creeps were hitting the opponent’s Ancient to about 20% HP before the Chinese team admitted defeat in Game One after just over 52 minutes.

Game Two

With its tournament lives on the line, PSG.LGD went for a different strategy as it drafted Lifestealer for Wang "Ame" Chunyu and Axe for Zhang "Faith_bian" Ruida while beastcoast retained the Faceless Void for Héctor "K1" Rodríguez.

While the laning phase was even between both teams, this time it was PSG.LGD who were the aggressors as the team dominated the map from minute one. While beastcoast attempted to delay the game for its late game potential, Faith_bian’s Axe caught multiple heroes off-guard with his Blink Dagger-Berserker’s Call combo. Game Two ended after 34 minutes as PSG.LGD forced a Game Three Decider.

Game Three

With the series now being a best of one, both teams wanted to advance further in TI11 however one of them will be going home with a Top 8 finish after this series. Beastcoast went for an all out aggressive draft as it picked up Chaos Knight for K1, Shadow Fiend for Jean "C. smile <" Salazar and Batrider for Adrián "Wisper" Dobles while PSG.LGD went for a similar draft, picking up Sven for Ame, Leshrac for Cheng "NothingToSay" Jin Xiang and Brewmaster for Faith_bian.

While the early game went in the way of beastcoast, the mid-game phase saw a shift as PSG.LGD managed to win several team fights on its side of the map, allowing Ame’s Sven to hit his late game potential. With nothing else to lose, beastcoast attempted a final team-fight at the top lane however its efforts ended up in vain as PSG.LGD secured Game Three after 39 minutes.

Following the series, PSG.LGD will move on into the Fourth Round of Lower Bracket while also guaranteeing themselves a Top 6 finish and will face Team Aster later today. However, for beastcoast, its campaign at TI11 will end here as it finishes with a Top 8 finish despite the odds being against them today.

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