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Evil Geniuses Has Been Eliminated From the Stockholm Major 2022

The team did not win a single series in the tournament

Vignesh Raghuram
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beastcoast have knocked out Evil Geniuses from the ESL One Stockholm Major 2022 with a 1-1 tie.
Evil Geniuses finish the group stages at the bottom of Group A with a 2-10 win-loss record.

North American favorites Evil Geniuses (EG) has been eliminated from the ESL One Stockholm Major 2022 after its series draw to beast, which mathematically confirmed its last place finish in the group stages. EG did not win a single series in the group stages and will be disappointed with its results in this tournament having lost 10 games out of its 12 games.

Evil Geniuses still has enough Dota Pro Circuit points from its performances in the North American Dota Pro Circuit Tours to be in contention for a direct invite to The International 11. However, the team will not receive any DPC points for its last place finish at the ESL One Stockholm Major 2022.

beastcoast knocks out Evil Geniuses from the Stockholm Major 2022

Evil Geniuses came into the series against beastcoast requiring a 2-0 win to stay alive in the tournament. In the first game of the day, EG looked poised to secure just that showcasing calm and calculated play in the face of beastcoast's aggression.

Despite beastcoast having an edge in the late-game thanks to Héctor Antonio "K1" Rodríguez's Faceless Void, the team bled kills to EG. K1 made a few costly errors in judgement, including a misclick on a BKB which cost his team the game.

In the second game of the series beastcoast seemed like they had managed to reset their mentality and turn it all around. beastcoast managed to get off to an early lead on the back of good rotations and used it to secure multiple objectives and were ahead of EG through most of the game.

With a devastating teamfight on the back of a timely Double Damage rune on Jean Pierre "Chris Luck" Gonzales's Tempar Assassin, beastcoast secured the win and knocked out EG from the Stockholm Major 2022.

Evil Geniuses has become the first and only team to be eliminated from the Group Stages of the Stockholm Major 2022 since it finished at the bottom of Group A. The other group (Group B) will not see any eliminations since it only comprised of six teams, as Mind Games did not even make it to the tournament and forfeited all its games.

This is the first time that Evil Geniuses has finished in last place in a DPC Major since ESL One Birmingham 2018.

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