EternaLEnVy Played More Than 100 Ranked Games During New Year’s Eve Week


EternaLEnVy Played More Than 100 Ranked Games During New Year’s Eve Week

Ammar Aryani
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Despite having retired last year, Jacky "EternaLEnVy" Mao has played more games than any other player during the week prior to New Year’s Eve.
According to Dota2ProTracker, EternaLEnVy played more than 100 ranked matches in the span of a week.
However, despite his amazing win rate the player still made headlines with his unpredictable play style & personality during matches.

Legendary carry Jacky "EternaLEnVy" Mao was recently found playing more than 100 games in the week prior to New Year’s Eve. Following an illustrious career with well-known organizations such as Cloud9, Team Secret and Fnatic to name a few, EternaLEnVy or also known as “EE-sama” by his diehard fans decided to retire in 2022.

However, the Canadian carry decided to commit to live-streaming full time to his large fan base like other players before him while also getting his body into shape following his retirement.

EE-sama entertains despite having a high win rate

While EternaLEnVy can still be found live-streaming on Twitch following his retirement, many were surprised by the amount of ranked games that he had played in the week prior to 2023 New Year’s Eve.

EternaLEnVy's match history

According to his Dota 2 Pro Tracker profile, EternaLEnVy has played a total of 102 ranked games during the previous week with short breaks in between. In terms of the amount of games played, EternaLEnVy is second player with most games played during New Year’s Eve Week, with the number one spot belonging to Entity’s recent stand-in and upcoming Iranian player Kasra "Mikey" Mesbah with a recorded 109 games played.

Despite being second on the list for most games played during New Year’s Eve week, EternaLEnVy has the highest win-rate during the week itself with almost 58%, meaning that the player won 59 out of 102 matches that he had recently played. Some of EternaLEnVy’s highest win rate heroes include the likes of Drow Ranger, Lina and Faceless Void.

However, despite his impressive win rate EternaLEnVy never fails to entertain his fanbase with his unpredictable carry playstyle such as forgetting to buy any type of Boots for movement speed while playing as Lina during the first 20 minutes.

Despite his retirement, EternaLEnVy’s eccentric personality and unpredictable play style is what made him a fan favorite within the Dota 2 community during his decade-long career.

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