Entity's Fishman trashtalking TSM's SabeRLight- on ESL One Malaysia 2022 Main Stage.


Entity’s Trashtalk of TSM on its Voice Comms Gets Accidentally Broadcast at ESL One Malaysia 2022

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Entity’s teamtalk was put on live broadcast before its match vs TSM.
The audio revealed that Entity were encouraging each other by funnily disrespecting TSM.
Entity went on to win 2-0, before being eliminated by Fnatic.

Before the start of the match between TSM and Entity, audio issues caused Entity’s teamtalk to be accidentally broadcast on ESL's stream. The accidental mistake allowed the audience to hear what the Entity players were saying. Turns out that the players were motivating each other by jokingly disrespecting its opponents, TSM. Despite the early trashtalk by Entity's Dzmitry "Fishman" Palishchuk and TSM's offlaner Jonas "SabeRLight-" Volek, Entity ended up with a 2-0 victory over TSM before being eliminated by Fnatic later today.

Entity’s Voice Comms Revealed as the Players Jokingly Disrespecting TSM As Motivation

As first reported by escorenews.com, Entity’s team communication was revealed on live broadcast due to audio issues by the ESL production team. The audio issue accidentally revealed Entity’s teamtalk before its match versus TSM as they faced each other in the first series of the day.

To help motivate themselves before the matchup, the players of Entity decided that the best way to do that was by funnily disrespecting its opponents. Although the audio was really low, Dota Clipper’s Youtube channel managed to clip the audio reveal, while also making out the conversation that the Entity players were having.

Within the one minute video, it started off with ESL administrators complaining about the audio issue and looking for the person responsible before revealing the Entity players conversation, as they jokingly make fun of their opponents by saying that “they [TSM] are bad”. Here is the conversation as described in the video, however the audio is very low that the community cannot tell which players are talking in the video:

Production: Wtf is going on with this...?

Production: Where are the audio guys?

Fishman(?): remember guys! When you see Team TSM - WATCH AT THEM!

Pure(?): Show your confidence!

Other Players: Guys, they are so fucking bad! Remember scrims?

Other Players: We didn't even try. We like actively griefed and still f**ked them!

Other Players: Zero cares , still won.

Other Players: We play average game , they're f**ked!

The disrespect started after both TSM and Entity players made their entrance to the main stage, when SabeRLight- and Fishman met face to face and decided to jokingly trash talk the other team, with Fishman implying that TSM stands for “Team Suck in Malaysia” while SabeRLight- told him that Entity only secured a top six finish at the Arlington Major thanks to his contributions, as SabeRLight- stood in for Ivan "Pure" Moskalenko during the Arlington Major.

Despite all the beef from both teams, Fishman and Entity had the last laugh as they eliminated TSM from ESL One Malaysia 2022 before being eliminated themselves by Southeast Asian team, Fnatic later today. Entity secured a top six finish at ESL One Genting, despite the defeat and will be looking to keep its momentum for the upcoming The International 11 (TI11) Western European Qualifiers.

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