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Entity Announces Addition of Gabbi as New Position 3 Player

Dhruv Saikia
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In a recent announcement by Entity Esports, the organization has announced the addition of Kim “Gabbi” Santos to its roster.
The player will be replacing Tobias “Tobi” Buchner as the new offlaner, moving from his usual position 1 role.
The move may surprise some, however, many carry players have transitioned into offlane players in the past, such as Egor "Nightfall" Grigorenko and Ivan "Pure" Moskalenk.

In a recent announcement on their official Twitter account, Entity revealed that they have signed Kim "Gabbi" Santos as their new position 3 player. This move comes after the departure of Tobias "Tobi" Buchner, leaving a void in the offlane position that needed to be filled before the upcoming Riyadh Masters 2023 and the qualifiers for The International 12.

Gabbi's addition to the roster brings new perspectives and ideas, although it marks a notable transition from his usual position 1 role.

Gabbi Joins Entity as Position 3 Player

In a strategic decision, Entity has opted to recruit Gabbi, a renowned Filipino Dota 2 player, for the position 3 role. This move may come as a surprise to some, considering Gabbi's history as a position 1 player. However, it is not uncommon for players to make transitions between different roles within the team.

Similar shifts have been successfully executed by players like Egor "Nightfall" Grigorenko and Ivan "Pure" Moskalenko, who transitioned from position 1 to position 3 and found success in their new roles.

Gabbi's Background and Previous Team 

Gabbi last played for Fnatic, a prominent organization in the Dota 2 scene. However, in early 2023, Fnatic temporarily withdrew from the competitive Dota 2 scene, leaving their players as free agents. Gabbi's decision to join Entity is another instance of Southeast Asian (SEA) joining forces with Western European (WEU) teams as seen with Armel "Armel" Tabios and Saieful "Fbz" Ilham with Team Secret.

Entity's announcement of Gabbi joining their team as the new position 3 player marks a shift in the team’s roster, with the addition of a SEA talent. With the Riyadh Masters 2023 and The International 12 qualifiers on the horizon, Entity and Gabbi have an opportunity to make their mark and demonstrate their skills in the competitive scene

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