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EHOME Secures an Upper Bracket Final Spot in TI10 China Qualifier

Sarah Zulkiflee
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EHOME has defeated SAG with a convincing 2-0 score in the upper bracket of The International 10 China qualifier.
EHOME proceed to the upper bracket final and will be up against the winner of Elephant vs Royal Never Give Up matchup.
SAG is relegated to the lower bracket and will fight against Team Magma later tomorrow on 9th July 2021.

Popular Chinese team, EHOME, has showcased an impressive performance after defeating Sparking Arrow Gaming (SAG) in the upper bracket of The International 10 (TI10) China (CN) qualifier. With The International 8 finalists, Chalice and xNova in the team, EHOME were visibly strong as they stomped SAG with a 2-0 sweep. SAG struggled through both of the series and have now been relegated to the lower bracket of the qualifier where they’ll have to battle Team MagMa. Meanwhile EHOME will happily proceed to the upper bracket final, moving a step closer to securing a spot at The International 10.

EHOME vs Sparking Arrow Gaming: Recap and Highlights

Game One

Game one witnessed a very passive early stage as the first blood was claimed seven minutes into the match by Xm’s Templar Assassin onto XCJ’s Phoenix. EHOME played aggressively after and invaded the enemy’s jungle, disrupting Medusa’s farming game. With a Lion + Lina combination on EHOME, they were picking up easy kills around the map and SAG couldn’t respond to the double burst lineup. Throughout the game, SAG gave a couple of good attempts to stabilize the networth, but with Xm’s beastly gameplay on the Templar Assassin, EHOME successfully closed the first game in 32 minutes.

Game Two

Game two showcased more exciting moments as SAG held on to the game for an impressively long time despite a huge networth gap between the teams. Even though we saw an even laning phase, it quickly turned to EHOME’s favor as they picked up kills from across the map. EHOME’s core heroes were seemingly greedy, but Xm’s Templar Assassin and Sylar’s Medusa dominated the networth charts throughout the entirety of the game. With Chalice’s Legion Commander accumulating around 410 Duel damage and EHOME racking up a total of 68k networth lead in 52 mins, they finished the series convincingly to secure a 2-0 victory.


Here’s how the bracket looks, following the conclusion of the EHOME vs Sparking Arrow Gaming series.

TI10 China Qualifier Brackets

EHOME is looking mighty strong in The International 10 China qualifier, securing a spot in the upper bracket final convincingly. EHOME will take on the winner of the Elephant vs Royal Never Give Up matchup for a spot in the Grand Finals later tomorrow (9th July 2021) at 05:00 PM SGT.

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