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Dota Patch 7.32c Hits Marci, Death Prophet, and Refresher Shard With Major Nerfs

Ammar Aryani
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Patch 7.32c was released earlier today to balance the game right before The International 2022 (TI11) Last Chance Qualifiers.
Commonly picked heroes such as Marci, Chen and Death Prophet received nerfs to its abilities.
Refresher Orb/Shard will be nerfed as well, as both items now share its cooldown with each other.

With The International 2022 (TI11) slowly closing in, Valve released Patch 7.32c earlier today for Dota 2 to further balance the game. Patch 7.32c fixes some of the game's noticeable bugs such as Dark Seer’s ability to retain Normal Punch after selling his Aghanim’s Scepter, while also nerfing some of the higher win-rate heroes such as Chen, Marci & Death Prophet.

Dota 2’s Patch 7.32c also saw a few tweaks to a couple of items, with Refresher Orb & Shard being heavily nerfed to help balance the game.

Patch 7.32c: The Biggest Losers


It has not been a good patch for Chen, as he receives a second set of nerfs to his abilities. While Chen is still commonly used by professional teams for the healing potential, some teams tend to use the hero for its pushing potential, with the combination of Divine Favor and Holy Persuasion.

While the hero did have a pick rate of 6% and a stable 54.35% win rate probability in the Divine & Immortal brackets for the past month according to Dotabuff, Chen’s abilities took a heavy hit as both Divine Favor & Holy Persuasion got nerfed, making it harder to deal significant damage with its creep army.

Chen's nerfs in 7.32c


After originating from Netflix’s DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, Marci has become a staple pick in the competitive scene and has been heavily used by a lot of teams due to her flexible abilities either as an offlaner or soft support. Having a high pick rate of 22.63% and a stable 51.68% win rate according to Dotabuff, people were still expecting to see Marci being used a lot at TI11.

However, nerfs to most of her abilities might hinder her ratings as Unleash’s movement and attack speed modifier no longer pierce Spell Immunity, meaning that Black King Bars are more effective against her. Another noticeable nerf is her Dispose ability, which can no longer pull units out of Black Hole and Chronosphere.

Marci's nerfs in 7.32c

Death Prophet

Death Prophet has enjoyed her time in the spotlight mainly due to her tankiness with Spirit Siphon and the ridiculous damage she deals with Exorcism, despite having a meager 12.68% pick rate and 49.76% win rate according to Dotabuff.

While she is still popular amongst professional teams, nerfs to Spirit Siphon’s charge restore time and Exorcism’s active movement speed bonus might become a factor for its eventual demise.

Death Prophet's nerfs in 7.32c

Refresher Orb/ Shard

Heroes such as Enigma, Tidehunter and even Undying might be in for a hard time as Valve announced that Refresher Orb and Shard will be sharing its cooldown with each other, as opposed to having separate cooldowns. This means that certain heroes with team fighting ultimates will have only two chances to make their spells count and can no longer spam abilities thrice with a refresher shard power spike.

Another noticeable difference is that both Refresher Orb and Shard’s cooldown will no longer tick down when stored in a backpack slot, meaning that heroes will have to manage their inventory slots effectively to get the full use of the item.

Item updates

Following the newest patch release, it will be interesting to see how teams and pro players react to the changes as The International 2022 (TI11) Last Chance Qualifier begins next weekend, with 12 teams preparing to fight for their last chance to grab one of the two remaining spots at TI11.

There are also a lot of other changes including the hotfixes for certain heroes abilities as well as other hero changes. You can read the full Patch Notes on Valve’s official website to keep yourself updated on all of the new changes.

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